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5cats -> Combat Report Problem (5/26/2005 9:41:02 PM)

I thought you guys were fixing the combat reports so that carrier air battles would display properly. I still can only see the "counter-strike" and not the main event :(
Also, any thoughts on letting us scroll through battle reports? As it is, we can only see the most recent one. If we could scroll back, that would be nice :) and partly solve this problem too.

Joel Billings -> RE: Combat Report Problem (5/26/2005 11:00:40 PM)

I don't think we ever fixed the counter strikes so that all the information showed up. I don't think this is easy. If you can let us know what we're showing now, we can add to our list to show both the attack and the counterstrike. As for seeing past combat reports, we can add it to our list, but it's not going to be even looked at until after the TCP/IP work is done. It may be more effort than it's worth, but we'll at least ask the programmer in case it is not hard to do. Something we'd like to do and which may be more important is to list on the report the specific combat modifiers for each unit shot at. This could clarify some confusion (and maybe find some bugs if any still exist, although we think we got most if not all of them).

5cats -> RE: Combat Report Problem (5/27/2005 4:38:01 AM)

Thanks Joel :)
It's been talked about before. After a Carrier Air attack on other Carriers (with Air) it just skips right to the counter-strike. You don't get to see the combat report for the initial attack. Of course this has to have enemy Carrier Air that survives the first attack...

MButtazoni -> RE: Combat Report Problem (5/27/2005 5:08:37 PM)

I've added this to out master bug list.

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