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Iņaki Harrizabalagatar -> WEGO system (4/14/2005 12:15:31 PM)

I have been reading about the game in your site, and about the discussion on IGOUGO vs WEGO systems. I have been playtesting this year several games that use the WEGO system, and from my experience there are 3 important issues to make a WEGo system work
1) Limited movement allowance each turn, in an hex grid say 3 or 4 hexes each turn
2) Some effective ZOC
3) The number of units in relation to map size has to be enough to keep a solid battleline
Otherwise the game starts looking like a dance in which units move from hex to hex trying to meet the enemy, and no real battleline is possible to keep.
Other important thing is to determine the order of movement, I donīt really know how the game system works, but it would probably make sense to have them move by type of unit, so that cavalry moves before infantry, and always arrive earlier than infantry to adjacent hex. Artillery should target area instead of units. BTW Have you started betatesting?

Tim Coakley -> RE: WEGO system (4/14/2005 5:52:54 PM)

Thanks for posting:
1) Movement is limited by the time scale and distance (10 minutes/100 m hexes) and the number of APs per turn.

2) There is no ZOC, but rather a Threat Zone. Units pay more APs when acting in the zone. This represents the friction of being in contact with the enemy.

3) I will look at this. The Threat Zone will help as well.

4) We are in alpha testing. I will open it up some more in the near future now that the announcement is out.

Zap -> RE: WEGO system (4/16/2005 7:59:54 AM)


Thanks for posting

I read all the posts regarding the WEGO/IGOUGO.

I don't have a programming or game design background. My only contribution was writing a letter ( while attending a University in Rome,Italy) to the "Victory Games" people about some ideas I had for new games.

My input comes from a players outlook (one who preferes IGOUGO). To fill you in of my experience. I have purchased but have not yet had a chance to play HTTR. Mind you I have played RTS games. But mostly turned based Computer/Board games.

I have to say, the experience of full control appeals to me as stated by Ravinhood. Double Shot Design, you mentioned that most players or many don't know how the battle tactics work (as a reason for the WEGO system)
I remember reading up on using tactics for many of the games I played. As I played them out I learned more and more. To know I was acting more like an officer of that period, experiencing calling a battle on a Tactical, Operational level brought me a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.
My mind works slower, so i like the time turnbased games give you to planout.

You may be right that the Wego sytem is the direction to go but in your posts you also talked about Plausible TS. So maybe you are still reaching out trying to break new ground (find the best system). There is always room for more research and development

For me the new systems will be suspect until I see how they play out. The WEGO system being new you don't have too much of a history to refer back to. My problem is not enough time to play the games I would like test out. I rely much on the insight of other turn based players.

I am open to try other systems, as you try to meld together a game that works imploying all that you have stated above. I hope you realize your goal. It is a tall order to fill/please everyones taste.

When all is said and done I may not like the way your game plays. I have to say as it is described no special excitement has welled up in me. But i will leave my judgements and stay in the positive.

I am reading threads in your forum so, recieving more information. I do appreciate you spending the time on explanations. That helps my understanding of how your game is developing and ultimately it will help in my decision to purchase or not.

Tim Coakley -> RE: WEGO system (4/16/2005 10:25:58 PM)

you bring up some good points.

Quick note- In no way do I assume players are not familiar with the tactics of the game period...rather that we are not simulating/playing the role of every level of command in detail.

A WEGO game is still a turn based game...it does not involve the "click fest" of RTS games or even the continuous play time (with the option to pause for orders) of PCT. It is just that the orders of both sides are carried out at the same time. You still have the planning time and ability to control your forces.

To use an example of a benefit of WEGO play, imagine two forces approaching an objective from opposite sides and from equal distance. Both players plot units to advance and take the objective. In a WEGO game, the units will reach the objective and engage in combat to seize it. In an IGOUGO game, one side or the other has the advantage in getting to the objective. This can be written off as "initiative" or solved by the scenario designer with initial placement.

In a IGOUGO game, the non-phasing player does not get the full control that the phasing player does. There are reactions, counter fire...These still exist in the WEGO system, but the impact is reduced.

PCT is fairly recent and I am following those kinds of games closely. Continual development is needed in our hobby to keep things fresh and to take advantage of new technology.


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