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oldbluelight -> Patch (1/19/2002 2:51:00 AM)

Whatever happened to the patch? Any release date?

Erik Rutins -> (1/19/2002 2:57:00 AM)

The patch was in testing for the last two days. Last night, we tested the final build of the patch installer. After finding one glitch, we fixed it and re-tested this morning. Right about now, I'd imagine Dave is uploading it to our servers and getting ready to link it in on the Updates page. In other words, check back later today and you should be able to download it. :-) Best Regards, - Erik

Metalli -> (1/20/2002 12:00:00 AM)

Get the patch from here:

vmxa1 -> (1/20/2002 1:11:00 AM)

Seems to be a problem as noting is shown for download and the link get action canceled and the download gets disconnected.

Metalli -> (1/20/2002 3:45:00 AM)

Well, if it doesnt work here, download it from my site: I did rename the file incase the long name was problem. [ January 19, 2002: Message edited by: Metalli ]

RepoMan -> (1/20/2002 5:32:00 AM)

Thanks for posting the patch link! I downloaded it from just fine. My only question (out of random curiosity) is, why is the patch not mentioned anywhere on the matrixgames site itself? It's not on the "Updates" page nor is it mentioned on the STUN : DG download page. Cheers!

Metalli -> (1/20/2002 5:44:00 AM)

I have no idea, but mayby they just didnt have time to update the web database

David Heath -> (1/20/2002 8:51:00 AM)

Hi Guys I am the one incharge of the web updates and my mom called with major chest pain. I had to run over there before I could finish. She still in a lot of pain and we are waiting to see what is wrong. I hope to get it done tonight.

oldbluelight -> (1/20/2002 10:41:00 AM)

I hope she's OK.

FM_Freyland -> (1/21/2002 1:40:00 AM)

Well, I have been lurking on these boards since before the release of STUN2, but leave it to a medical emergency to make the Physician register. I too hope your mother is well, Mr. Heath.... knowing much of what chest pain can possibly entail draws much sympathy from my breast. I have been holding off buying STUN since I never played the shareware version, and I wanted some positive feedback (especially since my poor experience with SEIV and apparent disaster Fortress Europe was at release). I have, frankly, seen enough. Please expect my order in the near future, and congrats to you, Mr. Ewanchyna. Jonathan

rich12545 -> (1/23/2002 3:59:00 AM)

I will be purchasing either this game or se4gold in the next month or so. Currently I am leaning toward se4. I couldn't seem to get into the stun demo (although I'm going to try it again along with se4gold) and read a review where stun2's ai is weak, especially in the exploration era. So I would be interested in hearing about your problems with se4 if you'd care to share them. Also if some of you wouldn't mind commenting on stun's ai I'd be interested in hearing about that too. I know reviews aren't always accurate. In addition I am interested in general comparisons between the two.

FM_Freyland -> (1/23/2002 11:37:00 AM)

Hello Rich I pray you can forgive me for the lack of detail.... I fought with SEIV for the first month or so after it's release and its many patches before reselling it on ebay, so my memory is quite hazy. The bottom line was that the ai was painfully inconsistent, unable to demonstrate strategy in combat mode, and for those two reasons not fun to play with. Each patch had a list of fixes a mile long, but in the end, the ai still was just NOT fun to play with. I have no idea what the ai is like now (last patch) or what it will be like in SeIV gold. Best of luck with you decision!

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