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oldbluelight -> Does anyone except A.P.E. have this game yet? (12/30/2001 12:16:00 PM)

I made order MTX52000 on 20 Dec. There was a Paypal problem (Matrix link did not work) and this was resolved on 23 Dec. My order status is still "processing". What is the process and how long does it take? I received the following message from David Heath: "To make a PayPal payment go to and make a payment to Once we get the payment we will approve the order and it should ship that same day." I did this on 23 Dec. Guess what - it's 6 days later and my order is still "processing". Has anyone received anything but promises, yet?

weeskwee -> (12/30/2001 12:57:00 PM)

i still do not have the game. i preordered it a while before the release date, and as far as i can tell it has not even shipped yet. they are a very small company and released 5 games that same day, so that's their reason behind the delays. [ December 30, 2001: Message edited by: weeskwee ]

gators -> (12/31/2001 7:16:00 AM)

Mine is supposed to arrive Jan 2. Guess it wasn't one of the 90%.

oldbluelight -> (12/31/2001 8:05:00 AM)

That must be nice. My order is still "processing." I wonder if they have
"processed" my money, yet? I am thinking of filing a complaint with Paypal to stop payment. I just love the way they hide behing the help desk. Some guys ordering "La Grande Armee" made similar complaints in the forum and they got tracking numbers via personal phone calls. All I've gotten are secondhand empty promises from David and Daniel Heath thru the helpdesk. Perhaps I should have ordered the Napoleonic game.

David Heath -> (12/31/2001 8:20:00 AM)

Hi Oldbluelight We are not hiding we are trying to help our customers in fair way. But since you asked if you post your order number I will take the time to give you the details.

oldbluelight -> (12/31/2001 8:38:00 AM)

It was in the original post: MTX52000

weeskwee -> (12/31/2001 11:43:00 AM)

interestingly enough, my order shipped on friday, yet using the fed ex tracking number at reveals no such package. usually the carton is logged right when it is picked up from the shipping location. so i wonder where my package is.
oh well. i'm happy to know it should show up sometime next week.

Andrew Ewanchyna -> (1/1/2002 3:23:00 AM)

Hmm, I certainly wish that I wasn't the only one to have the game shipped to me, given that I wrote the thing. This is one of those things that I hate not having control over. It's the age old argument of shipping atoms over electrons. Electrons are alot faster. As for Matrix Games' decision to debut 5 products all at once. I'll just end it the way I started it. Hmm.

mischiefmaker -> (1/1/2002 10:32:00 PM)

I'll ask once again: is this game going to ship in stores? Is it only available from the matrixgames site? Does ANYONE who falls in the 90% read these forums? Oh, and while we're twiddling our thumbs, question for Andrew: Does the AI specialize its worlds for production and research instead of overfilling them with weapons now, or have you done something fiendish with the balancing that makes specialization a bad idea?

David Heath -> (1/2/2002 12:52:00 AM)

Hi Guys Happy New Year and God Bless You All. As for your question no our games are only available via Matrix Games.

Andrew Ewanchyna -> (1/2/2002 2:18:00 AM)

Mischief Maker,
I've done a few things in this area.
1) You're now limited to building as many labs/factories/... as there are cities.
2) the AI now makes use of these things *alot* more than they use to (much less likely to be fortress worlds).
3) the AI is more astute in what's happening with other players.
4) hording more than 4 wisdoms will give you no research advantages I've basically put in alot of little things to try to get the AI to play a smarter game. I've also made it alot harder to form alliances and federations.

oldbluelight -> (1/3/2002 9:39:00 AM)

Status Report - 10 days and counting Got a response to my requests for assistance today with promise of shipping confirmation and tracking number. Guess what? Order MTX52000
still shows processing an I have nothing but promises. Maybe they should have renamed the game "Black Hole." At least Matrix is consistent. [ January 02, 2002: Message edited by: oldbluelight ]

vmxa1 -> (1/3/2002 9:47:00 AM)

I ordered mine 12/17/01 with one day ship, but it shipped 12/29/01 and came today.

oldbluelight -> (1/3/2002 9:55:00 AM)

At least you got something. My order is still "processing" in the black hole.

Dr. Lee -> (1/3/2002 3:46:00 PM)

Just dropping a note that I received the game today via FedEx. In Alaska, no less. Weird that those in the lower 48 haven't gotten their copies yet... Haven't played much, but the new gfx/interface seem nifty. Pacing is way slowed, reflected in travel times and tech costs. I left the music on for a whole 20 minutes which is some kind of new record =) It's good music, I just fire up Winamp usually... I would however like to be the first to publicly gripe that the game requires the cd in the drive to run. *coughlaptopgamingcoughcough* I hope you will consider removing cd protection in a future patch. Gonna go play s'more.

gators -> (1/3/2002 10:57:00 PM)

Mine was supposed to arrive yesterday. No joy there is something to be said for consistency.

mischiefmaker -> (1/3/2002 11:24:00 PM)

Oog... I was kinda hoping that Old Blue Light and Weekswee were the exception when I placed my order yesterday (2-day delivery.) Top that off with the fact that Fed Ex NEVER shows up to my apartment when I'm home. And people wonder why I don't like ordering stuff online. I'll just cross my fingers and chant "90 percent! 90 percent!"

weeskwee -> (1/4/2002 7:54:00 AM)

my copy did show up on wednesday the 2nd. i have not had time to play much yet. [ January 03, 2002: Message edited by: weeskwee ]

Redbull77 -> (1/5/2002 3:02:00 AM)

Got Stun II today.
Played a first game.
Only thing I miss is a scrolling Systemwindow.
Redbull77 Germany

oldbluelight -> (1/5/2002 6:33:00 AM)

Got mine today. Matrix sent it 2-day express
at their expense and it arrived today. Now I can finally play it

mischiefmaker -> (1/8/2002 4:31:00 AM)

Just got it today! I'm in the 90%!

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