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russkly -> Manaeable Post-Tutorial Scenarios for Newb? (8/17/2004 2:32:16 PM)


I have just finished the tutorial for the second time (without sound, but that is a different thread!), and I'd like to move on to the real thing.

Which scenarios are the most manageable in terms of scale/strategy/planning for a newbie?

What I'd like is a fairly small scenario in terms of number/type of units, obviousness of strategy to employ, and therefore fairly straightforward (?) to plan/control thereafter.

Coral Sea looks the shortest, but to a numpty like me, the strategy doesn't seem at all obvious!

Appreciate your comments.


Platoonist -> RE: Manaeable Post-Tutorial Scenarios for Newb? (8/17/2004 2:40:53 PM)

Coral Sea is a good choice. Use the Lex and the Yorktown to smash the Japanese forces conducting the landing at Tulagi (if you are fast enough) and then move over to the west and guard against any attempt by the Japanese to land at Port Moresby. [8D]

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