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siRkid -> Bug Reports and Enhancement Requests (8/13/2004 2:42:03 PM)

If you post any new wishes, please try to place them in a category.

Please do not repost or vote fo items. The gets too long and frankly, the more repeats I see the less I feel like going through the comments.[:(]

siRkid -> Combat (8/13/2004 2:43:05 PM)

1. Add Sub Vs Sub capability

2. Would like to have a check for surface ships like the one for submarines where there is a chance for surface combat when two TF pass through the same hex.

3. Is there any chance that the surface routine might get a tweak that allows surface TF vs transport TF (if lightly or undefended) to be more decisive? As mentioned in the past, the routine treats such engagements as surface TF vs surface TF with the usual 2-4 rounds of gunfire followed by a break off. On average, only a couple AK's tend to get the hammer while the rest get away safe and sound.

4. Promotions for admirals and generals.

5. Add in a chance for substantial portions of an AK/AP/whatever's cargo to be destroyed when it is damaged? Currently players can ramrod transport TF's into forward bases under siege in the knowledge that only by sinking the ships will their cargo (supply/fuel/troops) be substantially or completely stopped. (since even a 99% SYS AK will continue to unload peacably turn by turn) This problem exaserbates the larger the size of the port (and if Allied with damage control bonus on)

6. Currently there is a small provision for this with troops....but none for supply and fuel. Personally think this would be a substantial tweak.

7. Bombardment animation. Would like to see it show friendly ships being hit by CD guns? This would really be helpful I think as at times ships are damaged without any feedback.

8. Bombard Groups with DD's Id like to see Bombardment groups with DD's pull back if they are taking coastal gun fire and just use the BB's and CA's guns. Currently you have to break off a seperate BB task force to do this which opens them up to submarine and air attack (due to them loose the destroyer escort)

siRkid -> Database (8/13/2004 2:43:43 PM)

1. Ship Database - Please add the full name of the ship types to the in-game ship information. Maybe a quick description on effective usage would be helpful too.

2. Aircraft Database - Display aircraft range in hexes instead of endurance in the aircraft database.

siRkid -> Filters (8/13/2004 2:44:31 PM)

1. Commander Selection Filter - A filter for leaders screen... F (fighter) FB (figher bomber) DB (dive bomber) B (bomber) ... etc.. Whatever would shorten the list of clicking each leader until you find a bomber leader... or carrier... so on

2. Add ship type filters to ship transfer selection screen.

3. Add filter on Ships Sunk screen for Allied and Japanese.

4. Actually, while I would still love to see some filtering of messages per turn, PARTICULARLY these...
25 Army Group assigned orders...
Idle TFs disbanding
assigning major attacks
Etc, yaddi,yaddi, ya... That stuff in a single player game is just WAY too excessive. It could be filtered down to...
25th Army Group orders complete
South Seas Fleet orders complete
ABDA (if AI controlled) orders complete

5. On the list all land units screen if we could have another storable column with the objective it would be wonderful.

6. Ability to filter the "All Bases" list by command

7. The lists should also be filtered by control zone. For example for a human controlled east zone, I would like to see all the units currently under my control.

siRkid -> Hot Keys (8/13/2004 2:45:17 PM)

1. Hot key that would remove all active TFs and display the location of ships that have been sunk. You would need three symbols, Jap Sunk, US Sunk, Jap/US Sunk. The sunken ships would come from the Sunk Ship List so the FOW would still work. I would add a mouse rollover that would list the ships sunk in that hex.

2. Use of the page up and page down keys in the combat reports for scrolling.

3. Arrow hotkeys, so I can press left or right arrows to switch, for example, bases while reviewing them.

4. A way of toggling the hex grid numbers on and off on the map.

5. A hot key that will cycle through the taskforces on the map without having to select each one.

6. A "Previous/Next Base" button and hotkeys. If possible: sorted by size of base and/or each region.

7. As long as this is a wish list, East Front had a feature where at the beginning of a turn, a cycle flag was set. You could hotkey through every unit unit each one had been "considered". Once you had looked at each one a message popped up saying that you had touched each unit. Keeps from forgetting a unit on the map.

8. I would like a hot key to create a saved game. I know you'll tell me there already is one. But that key just takes you to the save game screen where at least two more mouse clicks are required to save the game in the savegame "slots".
I would like a hotkey that simply saves the game with the a stamp or filename keyed to the current scenario name, game date and or turn #.
Maybe in the auto save slot?

9. Programmable "hot keys" ie; <shift> + F2 to make F2 hawaii to move around the map quicker....clicking on the mini map is ok but it is not exact

siRkid -> Missions (8/13/2004 2:46:04 PM)

ASW Continuous Patrol. Would work the same way as a CS TF. You set a DH and put under AI control the TF moves to DH and then returns to port then repeats.

Can we get PGs included as available escorts for auto convoy? Flower class corvettes are PGs in database.

Continuous type missions to haul resources and oil? it's for us folks that do not like to use the auto convoy system.

Missions - I would like another Sub mission added: Marine Raiders.
This would be a recon mission. The Sub is assigned that mission and a DH of a base held by the enemy. The sub sails there and, once it arrives, and if it survives ASW (which is likely) you get very high quality intelligence about the DH. The price you pay to get this is the long time it takes to get a sub to Kwajalein or Guam. But you find out that there are two CD units and what size guns they have, how many A/C and how much Air Support.
To keep it simple don't actually use any Marines (it is likely only a squad or two).
You might consider making this an Allied Only sub mission (did the Japanese ever do it). It would seem the Allies would be the ones to need the intel more. The Japanese advance in the early game when they have a fair idea of what is out there, the Allies in the late game when they have to figure out how the Japanese are deployed.
You might consider a chance for the Japanese to thwart it if the experience of the ground units at the DH is high enough.
To prevent the player from just assigning this mission to a Sub that is near an enemy island, make the mission one that can only be assigned to a sub in a size 3+ or size 5+ friendly port. A "load marine recon force" order.
I should think this would be simple to implement. Just a use of the Recon Flight code applied to Subs with the right mission assigned, giving the recon high effectiveness.

siRkid -> Production/Supply (8/13/2004 2:46:45 PM)

Let me set supply/fuel target levels for a base. I'd like to set Pearl and Brisbane to 250,000/250,000 and let the auto-convoys do the work.

Is something like setting a supply head possible? For land masses with several bases connected to one another - like west coast US - we could specify one base as the supply head. Each base would then ship off any excess fuel/supply to the selected base.

The production should be limited and not only halted... like 0, 25, 50, 75%... And - it would be perfect if the computer do it in one screen ! (okay, if this isnt possible, this would need some micromanagement, but it would be the advantage of the expert player)

Also, the reduce production capacity possibility would be great (if i produced 200 Zero-2s a month, have a lot in the pool and no more carriers to go with (for example), i would love to reduce this to 100, and have 100 more for other zeros (Mark 3 or 5 or 8...)
So, I can expand some factories, and reduce their capacity if the plane is still needed but not in such numbers. In the moment, i have to switch the whole factory AND another (with the penalty) to the zero2. This is not good, esp. if an automatic update to the zero3 happens (at last if i cant upgrade 2s to 3s)

The "how much resources will be transported to xy by land" would also be great to see.... so do i need to unload in 3 or only in one harbor?

siRkid -> Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 2:49:07 PM)

Orders Screens - How about a simple interface addition: the ability to use "cntl-left click" (or some other method) to select multiple units, and then give them the same order?

Air Screen

Request a Rejoin Air Group button be placed on the Squadron Screen. When selected only the bases that are in transfer range and has an air unit that is associated with the selected air unit show up.

Air Group Info Screen - When you click on an airfield you get a great chart of all the air units. Awesome improvement over UV in the way one can sort the units and see their missions on the chart. In the next patch, could we get something to allow us to see a similar chart for all the planes on all the carriers in a TF?

List All Aircraft Screen - It'd be really nice to see secondary mission indicated in the List All Naval Aircraft and List All LBA displays, especially since so many planes are often on Naval attack and performing a critical secondary mission also.
So the wish is either:
1) add a Secondary Mission column to these displays
2) or add a mnemonic to the Mission column that represents the secondary mission (for example Naval-A, Naval-P, Naval-Re, Naval-Rs for Naval attack missions with secondary missions Airfield, Port, Recon, and Rest respectively).

Air Group Info Screen - Provide a way to show if Air groups or LCUs are in command (range) and receiving benefits/replacements from HQs.

Aircraft Information Screens - A red number next to air and land unit counts in brackets, which would simply be the amount of losses taken by the unit during the last turn of operations. For aircraft this would just be planes, for land units this number would be next to squads, guns, weapons, etc.

I think this would give players a much better feel for how their units are peforming in combat (both air and land) and also give players an idea as to how effectives different types of attacks are (bombarment, air bombing, etc).

Base Screens

A "Form New TF" button on the screen that shows the list of ships in a port.

Data Screen

Add a next /previous button to the data screen in the on-line database when viewing planes, ships, etc.

Intel Screen

Record and show number of atomic bombs that have been used in campaign.

LCU equipment Loss List. Some thing like the equipment list, so one can see how nuch of what type of equipment is lost. This is more important for the Japanese player to know when to increase equipment production.

LCU Screen

Unit fatigue and moral should display last turn as well as current turn values.

The For split units it would be helpful if the location of the parent unit appeared on the info screen for sub-units. This would help for reuniting units later on.

A list of All Commanders (Land, Sea, and Air) and their current location

My number one issue is I would like to be able to return ground units to be empty shells and return all squads to pool.
This is especially required in India where due to the low level of Indian squad replacements throughout the war I would like to be able to say ok 17th Indian division will transfer its only bgde (i.e. its 100 assault points worth of squads) back to the pool for reassignment to allow another division to be brought up to strength. either that or Make Indian replacements grow as war goes on 40 just isnt enough in my opinion I would happily give up a reinforcement formation for the ability to grow my replacements.
(Also arent British replacements a tad high at 40 squads per month all through the war I wasw sure that the UK started to run low on Inf by 44 surely UK replacements should decline in 43/44 and only pick up again in 45.)

I would like to see the ability to disband LCUs, with caveats:
1) LCUs cannot be disbanded from the West Coast, ABDA, or Allied/Japanese China commands.
2) LCUs cannot be disbanded if not in a supplied base.
3) Two-thirds of the LCU "devices" are returned to the pool after 3 months.
This would alleviate several problems, including withdrawls (still need to have "house rules" though), and would be historical in nature. Both sides regularly disbanded units to feed replacements to the front-line units.

Add a star next to the name of HQs that are restricted, in the change HQ screen, so players do waste PPs to change a unit from one restricted HQ to another.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but when you pull up the unit screen at a base can the fatigue and disruption be listed there as well ? It would make figuring out which units are ready for a fight and which are not much easier without having to look through each and every unit.

LCU Information Screens - I would like a DO NOT UPGRADE , but still accept replacment option for LCU's my current issue, all my indian units are severly depleted after the inital japanese conquest in burma. Most now locked in battle with japanese LCU's and i cant withdraw them. They are all depleted in artillery and i have ~ 350 18lbrs available to reconstitute the indian brigades/divisions organic arty, however, they are all trying to upgrade to 25lbrs and there are none left in the pool
I would like them to use the pool of 18lbrs and NOT upgrade until more 25lbr are available

Naval screen

Preview for ship upgrades - something like the show TOE for LCU's!

When looking at ship data screens in port, I'd like a "next ship in port" button like the "next ship in TF" button for TFs.

PT Boats - Ability to disband PT boats, where they will show up back in PT pool, say 60 - 90 days later. There are lots of groups of one or two PT boats all over the map and its hard to get them where you want because of the short range. Its a complete waste of using a tanker for 2 wks to move PT boats around the map.

Ship list/TF Creation screen - I'd like to see AA and ASW ratings so I could sort the list by that. It would save a lot of work from having to right click everything to find the right DD's for your TF

Ship Information Screens - Could we put little Nationality flags or verbiage with the ships so one doesn't have to select each ship in a port to see what Nationality it is. I'd like to know if the DD is British or not since I don't have them memorized.
Maybe the name could say DD blahblah (B) where (B) is British, D for dutch, A for Aussie, U for US, C for Canada, Z for New Zealand F for French.

Add a column for the date the ship was sunk on the ship sunk screen.

Would there be a way to have who sank what on the sunk ship screen. By squadron or ship. It would be nice to see which sub sank the most ships or which sqd sank the most.

Operational Report Screen

New arrivals listed on the operational report.

Production Screen

How about a screen showing list of the industrial sites and showing the percentage of the sites capacity being utilized. Also perhaps a column showing how much was recently added to the pool in the last turn.
I would like to see two things. One is a PRODUCTION SCREEN that would pull up
all the locations on a list with what they produce. A single screen
that would allow the player to do make all production choices would be great. With
a "running tally" of output and demand at the bottom it would be even better---you
could see at a glance how your choices affected the whole picture.

If we can't have a Grand Unified Production Screen then how about at least being able to see a summary of what a base produces in the tooltip? It would be so much quicker to "hover" than actually having to click on the base ...
You get this for enemy bases right now so hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

I'd like to be able to have table/screen showing all aircraft production by base and what its producing. Having to go from base to base in order to see what's being made where is a chore.

A selectable table/screen for all production by base, so you can see it all at once instead of having to get a pad of paper and right is all down. I know in PacWar there was a list of resources by base screen.

Sigint Report Screen

Another thing would that make things easier, would be to add to the Intel screens what control zone a base is located in, Like Brisbane (SE).

Sigint Report -Would like to see a little lightning bolt symbol on the hex if it was included on the sigint report. Hover the mouse over the symbol and you would see the report. For example in the sigint report you might see a line item of "4th Fleet setting Wake Island as its objective". I'd like to see a little lightning bolt on the map at Wake Island and see that message on mouseover

TF Screen

I'd like two additional buttons on the botom of the TF info screen 'return to Karachi' and 'return to Sidney' to accompany the existing 'return to San Francisco' button.

ETA - for ship taskforces in both the ship list screen and ship/TF screen, I'm tired of calculating 180 hexes/2 hexes per day = 90 days.

A button to "make home base same as destination hex." I often seem to want to send a TF away and tell it to stay where it's going, so I end up clicking on the destination hex twice -- once to set the DH, once to set the home base.

In the "List all task forces" it'd be nice to have the percentage of max sorties listed for air task forces, much like the percentage of total ammo is listed for all task forces.

siRkid -> General Comments (8/13/2004 2:50:03 PM)

Matrix support for a SansSerif font that many of us have already switched to and boy are our tired old eyes happy we did. See thread in Support forum if you want to change

How about horizontal rules between every third or fifth entry on the longer tables (eg, a/c losses, ship/unit arrivals, etc). Helps when reading across the entries.

My biggest concern right now is the inability to mark anything on the map. I would love to be able to place tags on the map that would pull up whatever we wanted to type into it.

Roll Over - Show the resource level on mouseover.

Tools - Range finding tool
User presses some combination on keyboard (something like CTRL+R) and the cursor changes over map indicating that tool is activated.
User can then select HEX he wants with mouse click and rangefinding tool is started. When he moves the mouse the line is drawn (centered on HEX user first selected) indicating how far he is from that start HEX (above drawn line there is number measuring range of HEXes and in nm).

HEXes covered tool
User presses some combination on keyboard (something like CTRL+A) and the cursor changes over map indicating that tool is activated.
User can then select HEX he wants with mouse click and HEXes covered tool is started. When he moves the mouse the transparent circle is drawn (centered on HEX user first selected) indicating HEXes covered range measuring from that start HEX (in the center of circle there is number measuring range of HEXes and in nm).

Save Game - Add a delete save file to the save data screen. There is going to be a ton of save files with this game.

Jaws_slith -> RE: General Comments (8/13/2004 3:12:23 PM)


Man are you good to remember all our comments.


So, and this all we be in the next patch[:D][;)]

Speedysteve -> RE: General Comments (8/13/2004 3:57:51 PM)

Nice list of suggestions there

Don Bowen -> Ship and Aircraft filters on additional Screens (8/13/2004 4:35:13 PM)

Extend use of Ship Type Filter (CV/CVL BB/CB .... as on "S" ship list screen) to Ships Database (off of "V" hotkey). This list does not maintain position when a ship detail is viewed and comparing two DDs (for instance) is difficult.

Extend use of Aircraft Type Filter (All Types F FB ... as on 'A" aircraft list screen) to Aircraft Database (off of "D" hotkey) and to Aircraft Replacement Pool listing.


BartM -> RE: Ship and Aircraft filters on additional Screens (8/13/2004 5:19:01 PM)

very nice list ! hopefully some of them will make it [;)]

Is it possible to place an alarm in the game, to let me know I have been playing far too long ? or should I still use the "Dogs Eyes" ?

[Dogs Eyes.... the look your dog gives when you have not fed them for three days and are currently looking at your calf with an eerie grin across their face]

Bradley7735 -> RE: Ship and Aircraft filters on additional Screens (8/13/2004 5:49:56 PM)

Hi Kid,

Very nice to have the wish list back up. Many thanks to you for organizing this.

1: I'd like to have an option to downgrade an airgroup (IE, B-17e's back to B-17c's.) I assume this would be back along it's original path. (I'm not opening the "upgrade to anything" thread).

2: Allow upgrades for partial groups. I currently have one B-18 bolo in a partial group. I can't get rid of it. It won't fly ops (because of the 2 ready plane rule). I have no other B-18 groups or any coming in theatre in the future. Allowing partial group upgrades (or allowing downgrades) would allow me to get rid of this one plane, useless group.

Thanks again, bc

Wooglin -> RE: Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 6:20:57 PM)

Suggestion for "Information/Order Screens" category:

Clicking right mouse button closes active information/order screen - i.e. have RMB work the same as <esc>

Suggestion for "Hotkeys" and/or "Filters":

Hotkey to display a "Low supply/low support/low fuel screen." Shows units/bases in the red . . .

- W

RUPD3658 -> RE: Ship and Aircraft filters on additional Screens (8/13/2004 6:50:24 PM)

Allied General had a function where in you could tell how long you have been playing today, in this scenario, and a total time that the game has been played since instalation. This would be a neat feture to have but I am not sure I really want to know how many hours I have spent playing.

What I would like to see is a leader fate screen similar to the pilot screen. This would tell you where they are and their status (KIA, ect). Enemy leaders killed of captured would also be listed.

LargeSlowTarget -> subs (8/13/2004 7:48:41 PM)

On the 'floating screen' that pops up when moving the cursor on top of a submarine, it just shows number of torps, endurance and home port - can we have the damage levels, too?
added to list

Also useful would be a new column in the 'List all active ships' screen showing the number of torps left for each sub (or am I blind?). Makes it easier to track subs with empty tubes or significant damage. And why don't they head for home by themselves in the first place?

dkurtz39 -> Several Suggestions (8/13/2004 8:23:13 PM)

Main Map
Toggle for base inclusion in auto-convoy on the main game screen's panel when the base is selected. So i don't have to open base info to change this, but I can still go base-by-base and pick the ones with the aid of the map to determine if they should be in or out. Assumes pathing issues with auto-convoy will be worked out.

Task Force Creation Screen
New transport mission type: Cargo. Same as transport, except AI will attempt to avoid moving through enemy areas without requiring any fancy footwork from the player.

Task Force Creation Screen
Go to ship selection once the task force type is selected. The only reason I can see for requiring a click on the "Go to ship selection" button is because you may not have set the other options. However once those other options (auto-commander, etc.) are set to your preferred way, I don't change them that often, and it would save a lot of mouse clicks.

All Dialog Box
For all buttons (like the one mentioned above) both the text and the arrow should be clickable to activate the command. Those arrows are small and hard to target! And I'm only 37!

Ship Listings
Probably impossible, but it would be nice if an individual ship could be sent out onto the map without the intermediate TF screen, perhaps auto-forming a default TF-type as it is done. Or if there was a right-click menu option that allowed you to create a single-ship TF. I am particularly thinking of the number of clicks required to send a single sub out onto a patrol.

Task Force Creation Screen & Operations Reports
A "mission complete" notification. Toggle on/off, with a line for text entry. Example: Send a TF to a base so it can pick up an Engineering unit which is needed elsewhere. Toggle on. Enter note: "Pick up Eng, deliver to X". Report each turn on completed missions, showing notes. Click to center on that TF.

Ship Listings
Hover over ship type results in tool tip with the full name of that ship type, for those who can't remember all the abbreviations.

dtravel -> RE: Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 8:52:59 PM)

Information/Order Screens

A "Go To Hex" command. Added to top of main map display, player clicks and gets a small input box. They type in a hex number ("53,97"), hit enter and map centers on the input hex co-ordinates.

added to list

pad152 -> RE: WitP Wish List (8/13/2004 9:02:42 PM)

Subs Retrun to base:

Subs auto or human control will automaticaly return to base if low on fuel, ammo, or damaged.

siRkid -> RE: WitP Wish List (8/13/2004 9:42:35 PM)


ORIGINAL: pad152

Subs Retrun to base:

Subs auto or human control will automaticaly return to base if low on fuel, ammo, or damaged.

It should already work this way.

siRkid -> RE: Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 9:47:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: dtravel

Information/Order Screens

A "Go To Hex" command. Added to top of main map display, player clicks and gets a small input box. They type in a hex number ("53,97"), hit enter and map centers on the input hex co-ordinates.

Not to be a pain but you will have a better chance of being heard if you post like dtravel did. The catagory in the title, the catagory in the post bolded, and then one comment. Good luck to you all.

Mike Scholl -> RE: Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 10:15:25 PM)


Please do away with the "pursuit" feature of combat result. It's bad enough
that an attack into a hex instantaniously "teleports" the attacking unit into combat
no matter where the defender might be within a 3,000 square mile area. The
additional possibility of another 60-mile "jump" after combat just makes it worse.

Tom G. -> RE: Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 10:18:58 PM)

Main Map

I like the idea of a 'sticky note' you can create over a hex (or attach to a unit or tf) which would allow you to place reminders for yourself. (ie march unit to Chungking, or load unit on tf for invasion of wake etc)

Fallschirmjager -> RE: Information/Order Screens (8/13/2004 11:00:37 PM)

List all pilots screen.
Allow us to bring up to 4 differnt aircraft or ship screens in the database menu so that we may be able to compare their different stats.

Greco, Thomas A -> RE: General Comments (8/14/2004 12:44:30 AM)

I would like an audible response (ships bell?) alerting me that the AI turn is over.

added to list

akbrown -> General Comments (8/14/2004 1:41:12 AM)

General Comments
It seems that when railways are captured they are instantly and fully useable (track, engines, rolling stock and all). It looks like this is a major factor in the unrealistcally rapid land campaigns such as possible rapid Japanese conquests of China and India. I would like to see railways 'damaged' when captured, with repair, or a period of time, necessary before they are useable again.

This could be done in one of several ways including:

1) Flag a captured railway hex as 'railway unuseable' until it is repaired by an engineering unit that is in supply (and consumes some supply in the process). The disadvantages of this approach are that it involves more micromanagement and it may require the addition of more enginner units (RR type).

2) Each railway hex has a counter which is 0 when captured and, say, 100 for functional. Each turn after capture a small amount of supplies are consumed depending on supply level of the hex (as per land unit calculations) and a corresponding proportional increase is made to the counter. When the counter reaches 100 the railway in the hex is useable.

3) Worst case alternative. A simple counter that counts for, say, two weeks before a captured railway is useable.

Another problem is that there would need to be some type of icon on the map to indicate that the railway in a hex is unuseable which disappears when it is repaired. But hey this is a wish list!

BartM -> Editor/locations Tab (8/14/2004 2:46:41 AM)

Perhaps the ability to list the ships in the locations slots ? ie, TF 3509 you set up in Locations, give it a destination, but thats about it, perhaps being able to list which ships are assigned to that TF, would greatly help locating ships if you need to remove them.

ATCSMike -> RE: Database (8/14/2004 5:58:03 AM)



1. Ship Database - Please add the full name of the ship types to the in-game ship information. Maybe a quick description on effective usage would be helpful too.

2. Aircraft Database - Display aircraft range in hexes instead of endurance in the aircraft database.


Mike [sm=00000436.gif]

ATCSMike -> RE: Database (8/14/2004 5:59:34 AM)

The ability to move the mouse pointer over a hex and get the hex coordinates without having to click.

Mike [sm=00000436.gif]

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