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Sleeping_Dragon -> Talon (8/11/2004 5:49:27 PM)

Basically a Jackal on steriods. Gave it a shield which should give it a good advantage vs. energy based titans, wantd a good scanner, but can't have everything. Armor's a little lighter then other HtH titan but this one has more ranged firepower. Heat seems to run right on the money even with the shield active it's still a fairly slow build-up.

Titan Name: Talon                 Close Combat Light Titan
Chassis: Morola  L3               Design: Bblue          
Weight: 70.0t (70t maximum)       Height     : 9 [meter]
Bmt   : 21 (57 kph)               Reduce Heat: -2.76C/sec.
Jmt   : 15 (80 kph) for 53 secs   Cost       : 125918($)


Engine  : Triton T2 [Engine 2] [CT  ]
HeatReg.: Delinit H4  [Heat 4]
Shield  : Simson-Light [Shld1] [CBT ]
LifeSup.: Phillippi   [Life 2] [Head]
Scanner : CyberSys S [Scan. 1] [CT  ]
Computer: CyberSys   [Comp. 2] [Head]
JumpPort: J.U.W.E.L.  [Jump 1]


[RA  ]  S.R.M. 4 RACK        (022) [1]
[LA  ]  S.R.M. 4 RACK        (022) [1]
[RT  ]  S.R.M. 4 RACK        (022) [1]
[RT  ]  S.R.M. 4 RACK        (022) [1]
[LT  ]  S.R.M. 4 RACK        (022) [1]
[RA  ]  CHAIN SAW           
[LA  ]  CHAIN SAW           


[Head] (11) Dullaroy  HMAX 018 [026mm]
[RT  ] (17) Vicenium  (W)  023 [039mm]
[CT  ] (21) Millenia  (W)  025 [050mm]
[CBT ] (11) Vicenium  (S)  016 [027mm]
[LT  ] (17) Vicenium  (W)  023 [039mm]
[RA  ] (19) Vicenium  (W)  023 [039mm]
[LA  ] (19) Vicenium  (W)  023 [039mm]
[LowT] (13) Vicenium       024 [040mm]
[RL  ] (17) Millenia  (W)  024 [048mm]
[LL  ] (17) Millenia  (W)  024 [048mm]

Armor Index:   5.50 [Total APts/T]
Internal:    162  [APts]
External:    223  [APts]   Max:[054mm]
Total Armor: 385  [APts]

JOCK requirements:
Piloting: Light Titan incl. Jump           
Weapons : N.G.M. C.C.                      
Warfare : Defense  Scanner                 
Skills  : Medic  Scout  Ind.Fire           

aquietfrog -> RE: Talon (8/11/2004 9:04:09 PM)

I think you went overboard with the SRMs [:D]... I was starting out designing something and you whip this out.. hah... I'll try it out later

Sleeping_Dragon -> RE: Talon (8/11/2004 9:30:43 PM)

hehe. No such thing as too many SRMs[:D] Although I could drop a rack and up the scanner to level3

Coyote27 -> RE: Talon (8/12/2004 2:42:28 AM)

Yeah, since it looks like it might overheat.
You could put an 8 rack in the torso, they're a little better with heat as well and iirc it saves more weight.

Thorgrim -> RE: Talon (8/12/2004 1:15:23 PM)

Unfortunately the only advantage of an 8-rack (with 2 ammo slots, for same global damage capacity) over 2 4-racks is the heat/sec figure, which is artificial since the damage/sec figure is lower. So 4-racks are generally better.

LarkinVB -> RE: Talon (8/12/2004 1:38:08 PM)

Hmm, sounds the SRM8 needs some improvement over SRM4. I can either reduce heat from 10 to 9 or make it a SRM9 with same stats. [&:]

elmo3 -> RE: Talon (8/12/2004 2:06:38 PM)

From looking at the unofficial guide I couldn't figure out why you would ever take an 8 over two 4's. Thought I was missing something, but apparently not.

Thorgrim -> RE: Talon (8/12/2004 2:07:29 PM)

Actually it's not just the SRMs, but all missiles. Smaller racks are better because of the (much) lower recycle times. Bigger racks (except for SRMs) save 1 slot, but their damage/sec is lower. In LRMs, smaller racks have an advantage in weight and heat.

LarkinVB -> RE: Talon (8/12/2004 3:18:18 PM)

I think its time for some tweaking here.

My suggestion for LRM is to bring down the heat for LRM9 from 17 to 15 and for LRM 12 from 24 to 20. This will be more in line with the other missiles. Now what can we do for the bigger racks without touching weight/slots/ammo ? How about range. SRM8 can get range 10. LRM6 can go down to 22 with 23 for LRM9 and 24 with LRM12 ? GMH sould stay and NM14 can be pushed to 11 ?

Peter Why -> RE: Talon (8/13/2004 2:05:03 AM)

No opinion on Larkin's suggestion; it's a bit esoteric for me.

But SRM8 vs SRM4 .. I prefer SRM 8s because they have a better chance to do a lot of damage at a single location, so more chance of knocking the titan down. Am I mistaken?

Thorgrim -> RE: Talon (8/13/2004 2:22:06 AM)

With an 8-rack you'll typically get ~5-6 missiles to hit, and with 10 locations they're not gonna concentrate all that much. 2 missiles do 4 damage, which is still not enough for internal system damage by concussion or causing instability.

Thorgrim -> RE: Talon (12/10/2004 12:16:01 PM)


ORIGINAL: Coyote27
You could put an 8 rack in the torso, they're a little better with heat as well and iirc it saves more weight.

Anyone tried the 8 rack yet? Even with the changes, I'm not sure it is worth it, 4 more secs recycle for 1 more missile. Should have been at least max/2+2 IMO.
Same applies to Porcupine, Needler, Vicious Bite.

This is important because the reverse is also valid. If it's not worth it, should the 2 ammo slot 8-racks be split into two 4-racks?

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