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elcidce -> Scope of WITP vs UV (7/2/2004 11:53:53 PM)

I have UV and enjoy watching the attacks play out one by one. I was hoping to buy WITP but I am hesitant to buy it since I dont have the time to run the whole PTO. I understand that there are smaller scenarios that you can play. I was hoping for an improved game on the scale of UV. Can you have the AI run several TFs while you concentrate on one operation? Is there a way to get the AI to handle some of the details with out having to micromanage the whole theatre of war? Any suggestions? Good Hunting!

Bodhi -> RE: Scope of WITP vs UV (7/2/2004 11:57:18 PM)

The map is divided into 9 "control zones". You can have the AI control a whole "zone" (or more) if you wish, and only concentrate on the one or two zones under your control. Of course, I guess most here will want to control the whole damn caboodle.[;)]

kaleun -> RE: Scope of WITP vs UV (7/2/2004 11:58:12 PM)

You can let the AI handle entire areas of the theater of operations.
Want to just deal with the SW pacific? Give the AI the rest.
Want to just deal with the India/Burma area? Cool the AI will handle the rest.
There is also an auto system for the supply convoys in the rear areas, that can handle those details.
Don't be afraid, jump in, the ocean is just fine[;)]

Grotius -> RE: Scope of WITP vs UV (7/3/2004 12:30:08 AM)

There also seem to be scenarios that are restricted to part of the map, but I wouldn't know; so far I've played only the Tutorial and the grand campaign.

Heh, I'm short on time too, but somehow I'm finding the time to play this game. :)

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