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KGrob -> Been Away for Awhile (5/6/2004 11:22:38 PM)

Ok, I've been away for awhile. (Just finished up a big job.)

I have SPWAW 7.1 and I have a couple of the Mega Campaigns.

I noticed that version 8.x or so is out. I've looked around a bit but didn't find where to download the latest versions from. What is the latest version anyway? Did I see 8.2 somewhere?

Can anyone help?

(I'll keep looking, could be I'm just retarded today because I couldn't even get my computer or my cellphone working earlier. Sooooooooo........)

KGrob -> RE: Been Away for Awhile (5/6/2004 11:49:29 PM)

Ok, so I found a patch that says 8.1 but it says it is only intended for patching version 8.0.

I still haven't found 8.0 yet. Is that only available as a complete download?

Resisti -> RE: Been Away for Awhile (5/6/2004 11:58:27 PM)

Just go at top of this page, look for "select a game" and choose SPWAW.
Once entered the game's page, click on download, and you'll be given the choice of a couple of mirrors. It will probably take some time before you can establish a connection, though.
I suggest you to use a downloader (GetRight or similar), able to resume the download, just in case, since spwaw 8.0 it's 400MB abt.
Once done, download also a small patch (8.01), using the "trueUpdate" feature.

Spwaw 8.2 will be out anyday now, and it will be a patch of some tens of MBs.

robot -> RE: Been Away for Awhile (5/7/2004 1:04:25 AM)

8.0 is a stand alone and must be installed seperatly from any other version.

KGrob -> RE: Been Away for Awhile (5/7/2004 6:56:23 PM)

Thanks guys. I'll download 8.0 when I can access the site.

I appreciate your help.

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