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Warmonger -> SPWW2 Q's (5/4/2004 8:11:13 PM)

Sorry if this is in the wrong place (Im sure it is) But I didnt know where else to post...

I downloaded SPWW2 and installed it. The mouse pointer moves painfully slowly. I have to pick the mouse up 4 times to get across the screen once. So I go to uninstall it (Im not dealing with that!) and I can't. It is not on the Remove Program list nor can I find an Uninstaller. Any advice on the mouse pointer thing? And I really would like to know how to unintall, Thank in advance...

DoubleDeuce -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/4/2004 8:26:24 PM)


ORIGINAL: Warmonger

I downloaded SPWW2 and installed it. The mouse pointer moves painfully slowly. I have to pick the mouse up 4 times to get across the screen once.

There is a good fix for that which is not too complicated. If it works I think you will like the game. I had to do the same thing to get SPMBT to work (the slow mouse thing).

Warmonger -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/4/2004 9:13:43 PM)


How about telling me about it?

And does anyone know how you uninstall it?

Tanks again

Rompa -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/4/2004 10:06:54 PM)

The fixes for mouse speeds (both too fast and slow) and all other tunings to make it run smoth in windows are here http://linetap.com/www/drg/SPCamo-SPinXP.htm

I dont have the SPWW2 installed (but the SPMBT) and it says to config the spww2.ini file on row 7 for changing scroll speed, but check the game guide in game notes under additional features because for SPMBT it is the 5th row not the 7th.

Its also discussed in here http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=599448
maybe Svennemirīs tips on the mousectl prog is what u need

Good luck!

robot -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/5/2004 1:59:37 PM)

Warmonger you might look in your spwaw folder. I had the same problem with mouse. When i tried to uninstall could not find way to do it either. When i was looking around found some of sp2 in my spwaw folder. Dont ask me how it got in there i have no idea. Any ways i took it off my comp too. Didnt want to put up with the mouse thing. Took too lng to move the mouse from one side to other.

john g -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/7/2004 4:29:12 AM)

Spww2 is a dos program, to take it off your hard drive you just need to delete the directory it is in and then delete any shortcuts you have to it. A massive case of KISS.
thanks, John.

Warmonger -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/7/2004 10:23:01 AM)

Well, that's two votes for just deleting everything, and I couldnt manage to find the uninstall with the command prompt...so Im just deleting everything. Thanks all. Does the mouse thing affect SPMBT as well?

Robert J. Smead -> RE: SPWW2 Q's (5/8/2004 4:37:17 AM)

Control Panel for XP is an option. Once you get in there, you can increase mouse speed on a sliding scale.

Seems like slow mouse problems are a bigger deal on laptops, as opposed to desk tops.

Getting rid of a program can be done by going in "My Computer" and programs.

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