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John DiCamillo -> Welcome! (3/31/2004 2:01:54 AM)

Hello and welcome to the Matrix Games Starshatter web board.

If you are interested in Starshatter, or just want to discuss space combat sims, or games in general, you have come to the right place. We run a pretty fast and easy ship here. So pull up a slab of beryllium-ceramic armor deck plating, grab your favorite drink bulb, and warm up your plasma cannon. The Starshatter message board is open for business!

Shaun Wallace -> RE: Welcome! (3/31/2004 2:31:29 AM)

Hi John,

Welcome to Matrix ;)


Shaun (token Brit) <G>

Mac_MatrixForum -> RE: Welcome! (3/31/2004 7:30:44 AM)


I spotted your post on the Noble Armada forum so I guess this was expected [;)].

Veloxi -> RE: Welcome! (3/31/2004 8:47:45 PM)

Glad to see you here, John! I can't wait to see the game sell well. :)

se5a -> RE: Welcome! (3/31/2004 9:58:39 PM)


Pheonix Starflare -> RE: Welcome! (3/31/2004 10:24:15 PM)

I've made it!

Amwhere -> RE: Welcome! (3/31/2004 10:48:30 PM)

(Does a little "Milo got a publisher" dance.)

About time, too. [&o]

Erik Rutins -> RE: Welcome! (4/1/2004 2:51:53 AM)


Welcome to Matrix, we're very glad to have you on board!


- Erik

jwal -> RE: Welcome! (4/1/2004 4:30:18 AM)



raven1985 -> RE: Welcome! (4/1/2004 5:40:49 AM)

Hello all, hey milo good job on getting a decent publisher, whats your guestimate on starshatters release date?.

KahulBane -> RE: Welcome! (4/1/2004 8:10:49 PM)

w()()t, made it... these guys did a deal with WWII online too... it was nice..

[&o] Milo the great SS creator, has made it..

Lord QDaan -> RE: Welcome! (4/1/2004 10:59:48 PM)

Just one thing, man. Your press releases still say that you can start with a small starship, and that could lead to some rather annoying noob Q threads. So...is the final version going to be somehow different from the beta, or is that an edit to the press releases you plan to make...or what?

Kuokkanen -> RE: Welcome! (4/2/2004 3:52:37 PM)

Whoa! Looks like Matrix staff appreciate this game like it would be some kind legend like Steel Panthers: World at War. I knew Starshatter is very good game but I didn't know Matrix staff would agree this way! I am surprised!

For information to Matrix employees and to all others: Starshatter took part to IGF contest. Starshatter didn't got anything except 7000 downloads! At the end I would like to quote one of the betatesters:

It's already best game in genre and isn't even ready yet

TKD -> RE: Welcome! (4/2/2004 10:21:11 PM)

Hey guys'n gals!

TheDeadlyShoe -> RE: Welcome! (4/6/2004 6:42:58 PM)

Ahh hi folks. Damn! My postcount! Noooooo....

Sky_walker -> RE: Welcome! (4/9/2004 7:56:25 PM)


Milo, what about old froum, you should create some page like
Enter to forum
View archive
It would be much faster to get inside.

John DiCamillo -> RE: Welcome! (4/9/2004 8:02:41 PM)

The message at the top of the old forum archive is a link to this new forum. I guess I need to make that clearer. [:'(]

p10ppy -> RE: Welcome! (4/11/2004 2:19:59 AM)


Hot4Darmat -> RE: Welcome! (4/27/2004 5:39:33 PM)

Hi John ('milo'; 'milod') D. and everyone at Destroyer Studios. Congratulations on getting a publisher! All that dedication and hard work is paying off. I knew it would.

All the best of luck with getting the game polished and ready. I've been enjoying the demo and am looking forward to the full game.

It's been fun watching all this happen from way back, and it warms me to see a success story. Great work.

From an old acquaintance at the Independence War games forums.

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