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eniced33 -> ww2 campaign (11/11/2003 4:52:57 AM)

No one answered my question the last time i posted, so here it is again. Do I have to buy all my core units before I start the 1st battle? If not how do you really know how many to buy since you do not know the force you are up against? Any suggestions are helpful thanks.

Goblin -> (11/11/2003 5:08:15 AM)

Yes, the units you buy are what you will play with throughout the campaign. Anything not spent is gone. You will be able to upgrade units though. Buy a well balanced force. If you have a few points left, buy some jeeps to upgrade to tanks later, or snipers to upgrade to infantry, etc (try to go foot to foot, armor to armor, or artillery to artillery). Too much of this and you will get really bored, but a few extra units don't hurt.


Vathailos -> (11/11/2003 5:08:42 AM)


The initial force you buy will be your "core", then when you start your first battle, you'll buy additional forces.

The size of the force you face will be based upon the point value of your forces.

In a Meeting Engagement (Advance/Advance), 1:1, 2:1 in an Advance/Delay, and 3:1 in an Assault/Defend, IIRC.

Good luck!


A Goblin is a faster typist ;)

gainiac -> (11/11/2003 5:09:41 AM)


You don't need to know........ The AI force total will be based upon the point value of whatever core force you put together AND what type of engegement your fighting. For instance on an assault you'll be fighting an enemy with roughly half the points as your core force, where on a meeting engagement you should expect force parity...........

gainiac -> (11/11/2003 5:15:03 AM)


You guys bored or something!!!! You've got nothing better to do!!!



KG Erwin -> eniced33... (11/11/2003 8:57:07 AM)

Who do you want to play as? The threads are out there for just about any of the "big six" you want to start as. Give us some hints. Also, how have you set your preferences? These are vital in choosing core forces.

Wolfleader -> (11/11/2003 12:12:43 PM)

Yes you do need to buy your core units before starting.

As for what to buy since you don't know what you'll be up against it's usually best to have a well rounded force.

I'm not sure how many points you've allocated for yourself and the PC to buy units with but I would recommend you have:

A company or two of infantry.
A section of scout cars
A platoon of 4 man recon teams. (or commandos or even snipers if your really short on cash.)
2 to 3 platoons of medium tanks.
2 to 3 Forward Observers.
2 to 3 Flak batteries. 88 battery's if your playing as the Germans from 1939 to 1942 (trust me you'll want these once the B1Bis, T-34's and KV's start comming.)
A section of infantry support tanks (stugs, SIG's, etc...) As the allies I tend to use the Brit 3 inch AA as they tend to be pretty useful in the AT role too.

I also tend to have a platoon of Kubelwagens (or jeeps depending on who your playing) for evacuating the crews of my knocked out tanks.

You may need to adjust just how much of each of these you buy depending on how much points you have and how much you gave the PC. Just make sure your inf outnumber your tanks as these are the backbone of any major military force and the most usefull for dealing with infantry in built up areas dangerous to armour like forests and cities and when your opponent decides to drown you in smoke shells before rushing his own infantry in.

Inf riding on tanks also helps keep the enemy infantry from close assaulting your tanks if they end up getting too close.

Wolfleader -> (11/12/2003 5:46:45 AM)

The rescue vehicles I use tend to be fairly cheap and expendable kubelwagens or even 251 halftracks if I have the purchase points to spare. As far as moving the injured crew I usually just wait until they manage to unsuppress themselves before sending my rescue vehicle in. Once they've unsuppressed themselves then I order them to move someplace safe for the pick up. Even though as you said they may be hidden from the enemy I still much prefer to have a fairly experienced tank crew be on their way, protected in a vehicle, to the exit gates rather than sitting in cover in the middle of the battlefield where there exists the chance of them having an unpleasant surprise encounter with marauding enemy infantry.

I also make it a habit to keep my tanks close together so if one does get knocked out then the other tanks can provide covering fire for the crew and rescue vehicle.

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