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generalfdog -> Minor nations and supply trucks (11/20/2021 2:59:02 AM)

As I was building supply trucks with New Zealand because I didn't want to wait forever for them to get enough to buy something real I thought maybe minor nations shouldn't be allowed to build support units so as to encourage the player to build actual military units. what you all think?

ncc1701e -> RE: Minor nations and supply trucks (11/20/2021 7:39:29 AM)

I prefer to have the choice. It is your job to send PP to minor like New Zealand to buy more stuff. Also, beware that with 10 logistics points, you won't do much.


generalfdog -> RE: Minor nations and supply trucks (11/20/2021 10:30:55 PM)

Yeah I agree and personally I do try and do that I like the minors and think they are fun, but some players probably don't and from a purely practical view why would you buy any of theirs units? They often are worse and take way longer to get since you have to save forever to buy them and their generals suck, so from a purely practical standpoint why would you buy anything but supply trucks and lc with them? manpower would be the only real reason but Germany and Russia are the only countries that have mp issues, Russia has no minors and sounds like with the new patch Germany will have less issues, not sure I like that but we will see

*Lava* -> RE: Minor nations and supply trucks (11/21/2021 3:59:49 PM)

Indeed, logistics is always the limiting factor.

Pretty sure it is hard coded into the game, so not much you can do about that.

Oh, and BTW, NZ is bugged. There is absolutely now way to increase their bomber group (which is pretty much the only unit they have to really contribute to the war) better that 5/20 even if you disband the entire army.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Minor nations and supply trucks (11/23/2021 1:59:44 PM)

Send them PPs

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