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Heahengel -> Meatbag soldiers starving with food because their robot mates have no energy? Energy questions (10/27/2021 12:32:29 PM)

I researched robot soldiers for the first time and made some mixed units with robot infantry and human MGs and RPGs. Then I ran into some supply issues through idiocy and my energy economy suddenly crashed. The robot units are starting to starve to death, but I noticed that the human subunits were dying first (or maybe the starving subunit is randomly selected and they just got bad luck). The have food supply (I checked). Is that something other people have seen happen, or am I misunderstanding what's happening? I was hoping to at least have the humans to hold the line until I could get all my logistics issues sorted out.

I'm also trying to figure out what happened to my energy supply. From what I can tell going back through my autosaves, the banked energy I'd saved up got lost because my main power bank structure was not in my capital and one turn there were insufficient logistics points for the produced energy supply to be transported to the capital, so I lost everything above my base storage capacity. After that, since my economy was running on an energy deficit I was emptying my energy supply every turn before any units could be supplied. Does that make any sense?

I am having an intermittent issue where my SHQ reports that X energy was delivered from zones for a turn, but only a fraction of that is available at the start of the turn. This isn't a storage issue, my energy storage is always higher than the restricted amount I start with on those turns (I checked every time, because it was an issue on that one previous turn). Any ideas as to what might be happening?

Last, can you help me make sense out of the following numbers from one of my zones this turn:

Energy Produced in Zone 1056
Energy in 13 (requested 23, 13 sent by SHQ)
Energy Consumed 192 (optimal consumption 200, "actually available and consumed"192)
Energy Out 506 (optimal delivery 843, actual delivery 506)
Energy Stock 177 (another 360 lost due to exceeding maximum stockage in Zone)

Edit: I had to rewrite that section because the forum thought I was posting phone numbers.

Obviously I need to build a power bank there, and I'll get right on that. But for future reference, what's going on? Is the city trying to reserve a certain amount of energy in storage and wasting some because it doesn't have enough storage? I thought energy moved freely unless you were trying to air bridge it, and there is excess storage and energy need at my capital. It seems to be able to transport some energy away and pay for building usage before the energy stockage issue comes into play, because both energy out and energy consumed are above the stockage limit for the zone already.

Is the rule that energy transport doesn't cost logistical points, but is still limited when there are bottleneck issues?

Whew, that sprawled more than I expected. Sorry for the wall of questions. I'd appreciate anyone who can help me with any of these.

Voker57 -> RE: Meatbag soldiers starving with food because their robot mates have no energy? Energy questions (10/27/2021 1:34:43 PM)

SHQ was running out of storage, so it received only 506. Troops can resupply only from SHQ and SHQ storage was not big enough to hold all energy needed for resupply this turn. Build more banks, yeah.
Re humans dying: screenshot of RDY screen would help, perhaps they had hunger before and are recovering.

Heahengel -> RE: Meatbag soldiers starving with food because their robot mates have no energy? Energy questions (10/27/2021 2:24:36 PM)

After the one turn where I did hit a suddenly low storage cap I've been checking it. I shouldn't be running out of storage, unless the storage from my non-capital power banks is not transferred to my capital until a later step, which was not a problem for me before I hit a logistics crunch.

On the turn with those numbers, my maximum SHQ energy storage was a bit over 6000 and my zones delivered ~1200 to the SHQ. I think my base energy storage without the energy banks is around 1500.

I've been checking in on the soldiers as well, making sure they had food and ammo. They've been in supply but I just haven't had energy for them for quite a few turns. Full human units on the same hexes have been fine.

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