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*Lava* -> WarPlan Pacific - Allied Campaign (video) (10/16/2021 1:42:08 PM)

In this video I play the Allies vs the Japanese AI on normal. It is meant to show the game from a strategic level and therefore is not one of game play. The result is a decisive victory for the allies but as it is my first campaign, it is characterized by many mistakes on my part, yet interesting for the interplay which occurs with the AI especially with respect to the war at sea.

I apologize, once again, for the length of the video.

You can find the video here:


ncc1701e -> RE: WarPlan Pacific - Allied Campaign (video) (10/16/2021 7:22:07 PM)

Congratulations on your victory. Did not watch the video yet but will do. [:)]

*Lava* -> RE: WarPlan Pacific - Allied Campaign (video) (10/16/2021 8:23:47 PM)

The CV fights are the interesting ones. There are 5 of them. Must admit I was mostly interesting in that, while the rest was kind of a practice game through the campaign to see how it works.

No nuclear bombs. Thought there were nuclear bomb events.

The Japanese AI also failed to take all of Malaya, I believe, and this allowed me to move allied troops into the Japanese rear in reconquering Indo China. I also thought the Japanese attack on China was a little strange. They seemed to want to attack heavily in the North, while the best lines of communication are to the South.

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