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lunca -> Easy training scenario (9/27/2021 6:52:38 PM)

I am a novice and want to learn from a simple scenario. Letís say, empty Tunisia, only two or three battalions on each side and supply depo + one air units on each side. Is this possible? Anyone knows to do this for me, pls.

cfulbright -> RE: Easy training scenario (9/29/2021 9:09:28 PM)

The Sicily invasion is considered the best Tutorial scenario. No strategic bombing to worry about.


loki100 -> RE: Easy training scenario (10/2/2021 10:18:28 AM)

not sure I'd start there. Yes Sicily is self-contained but you have invasions/paras etc.

my best advice to the OP is to take an existing scenario and play it solitaire (take both sides). That way you can self-limit the battlefield, say use the Breakout scenario and only try with the British 2 Army.



... Is this possible? Anyone knows to do this for me, pls.

Even the mosttrivial of scenarios is actually a lot of work, so I doubt anyone is going to put in the time involved just for this. there are plenty of small scale scenarios in the game, you can do as suggested above or use an existing one

lunca -> RE: Easy training scenario (10/2/2021 3:50:48 PM)

The main problem is that all existing scenarios are too large. I need smaller scenarios to explore the mechanics of the game. I am currently setting up scenarios in Africa at the only one division + support units. I want to find out in detail how it all works together. Army level with many corps and divisions are not suitable for testing. Too much of everything.

Question: if I have just one division and CorpsHQ with some support units in Tunisia. What is next HQ in chain in command? I know that it's the ArmyHq but how do I make it out of the map? In short, I want to set up a complete chain of command and proper supply with as few units as possible in Tunisia. How do I do that?

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