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kahta -> Rivers- Thawing and flooding (9/20/2021 2:44:02 AM)

I've watched the river freezing/thawing with quite a bit of interest in my alternative history scenario. I feel like there could be some improvements made to the river freeze/thaw cycles that would help with some of the realism. I had the pleasure of living close to a river in a zone 4a climate, which is where some of my observations come from.

1) Once the thaw starts, rivers should reach stage 7 (largest MP penalty) for the duration of the thaw, which I think is supposed to be reflective of conditions which are difficult to determine including ice dams, impact of ice on temporary bridges, etc. In my experience, once the thaw starts, there's no going back- the ice won't be safe again.

2) There ought to be a 1-2 turn period at the end of the thaw where the river is impassable to reflect the flooding. This happens pretty much when the temperature is above freezing consistently, but not all the snow has melted.

What do other people think?

Niedowidek_slith -> RE: Rivers- Thawing and flooding (9/20/2021 11:34:25 AM)

Sounds like a great idea

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