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sepp3gd -> Resizing Map Editor Window 10 (9/19/2021 3:15:44 PM)

I am trying to use the Map Editor Close Combat Bloody First and I needed to resize the window.
Version :
Build : 1.0.3
OS : Window 10

+ folder : CloseCombatTheBloodyFirst

- file : EditorOptions
RezX 1024
RezY 768

- file : OPTIONS
RezX 2500
RezY 1600

Changing the value of - file : EditorOptions
RezX 1024
RezY 768
RezX 2500
RezY 1600

Solved the issue. Both of the files (EditorOptions, OPTIONS) opened with MS Notepad - ensure to save the changes made afterward.

I had some difficulty finding an answer online or in the forum. I was about to post a thread asking for help when I discovered the solution. I am ignorant when it comes to these things, so I of course was at a loss when there was no option within the window to resize the dimensions. It took me around 20 minutes total to find the solution. I hope this can help someone in the future.

Thank you,


SteveMcClaire -> RE: Resizing Map Editor Window 10 (9/20/2021 2:28:17 PM)

Hi sepp3gd -- thanks for posting your results for others.

You should also be able to change window resolution from inside the map editor by hitting the ESC key to bring up the game Options window.

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