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eriador08 -> New Elo Game (9/13/2021 3:44:01 PM)

After a longer break i am looking for a elo player.

ELO house rules, no early barb, no major diplo or diplo on Bulgaria.

Side does not matter.

Taifun -> RE: New Elo Game (9/13/2021 5:23:26 PM)

Hi eriador08,

I have 1 slot available for a game as Axis.

eriador08 -> RE: New Elo Game (9/14/2021 4:39:41 PM)

Hi Taifun! I do not quite understand, if you want to take Axis or Allies. But it does not matter. Could you set one game up the way you like? I am in for the action.

Taifun -> RE: New Elo Game (9/14/2021 4:51:30 PM)

Hi eriador08,

I take the Axis this time if OK with you. I have set the game. Check your mail for the password.

Taifun -> RE: New Elo Game (9/16/2021 7:09:57 AM)

Hi eriador08,

I had some changes in my work that unable me to start a new game. Sorry, maybe in a few weeks I will have more time.

eriador08 -> RE: New Elo Game (9/16/2021 7:58:06 PM)

What a pity! I was looking forward to try to take you on [sm=00000036.gif] But no problem, i understand. Be free to invite me. [:)]

Somebody else up for a elo game?

Old_Shane -> RE: New Elo Game (9/16/2021 9:21:13 PM)

Hi. I could start a game with you. I am fairly new to playing humans. I can play tonight and a turn in the morning, but am unavailable this weekend. I started one as Axis. pw=eriador


eriador08 -> RE: New Elo Game (9/18/2021 9:32:36 AM)

Hello Shane, that is okay with me. I will join your game. We can start play next week.

arikogut -> RE: New Elo Game (9/27/2021 1:14:39 PM)

If Shane cant play, I would be interested.

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