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biddrafter2 -> Unit size just a label? (9/10/2021 4:24:26 AM)

Apologies if this is in the manual and I've missed it, but is the unit size label in the attached image just a label? Does anything actionable follow on from it being Army Group versus Corps, for example?

Asking because I made a test scenario with units with same equipment and different unit size labels and the strengths and supply usage were the same. Thanks!

Lobster -> RE: Unit size just a label? (9/10/2021 4:30:55 AM)

Just a label. Through history regiments have meant different things and were of different sizes. In game you can call a unit anything you want. Won't have any effect on strength. So I could make a unit with a division symbol XX and put in one squad. Or I could use a brigade symbol X and it will still have the same strength of one squad either way.

biddrafter2 -> RE: Unit size just a label? (9/10/2021 5:00:39 AM)

Thanks for confirming my suspicions Lobster!

golden delicious -> RE: Unit size just a label? (9/10/2021 8:24:44 AM)

The only exception is the section icon. This will prevent the unit from dividing.

biddrafter2 -> RE: Unit size just a label? (9/10/2021 3:29:38 PM)

I appreciate it Golden! I never realized how little I knew about TOAW until I started trying to build a scenario and interacting with the force editor.

rhinobones -> RE: Unit size just a label? (9/11/2021 3:28:05 AM)

Also note that when using the “Section” label the graphics for the label can easily be modified so the Section appears on screen as a company, battalion or whatever you desire as the lowest divisible unit. This is a very common mod.


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