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tyronec -> Losses incorrect ? (9/3/2021 10:22:51 AM)

This is for the Axis action phase.
1. Soviet losses look to tally with the battle results, Axis losses are way off.
2. Soviets lose 184 AFVs during Axis air transport missions.


Joel Billings -> RE: Losses incorrect ? (9/5/2021 5:13:27 AM)

I was able to duplicate this from an StoB save by airlifting a unit from Gumrak. It showed defender losses of men and afvs. They showed up in the Last Action column for the Soviets, but in the Current turn losses for the Axis (the AFVs did, the men showed up in the Soviet current turn, but then there were also 14 attacker men losses during the transfer and they showed up correctly in the German current turn. Anyway, since I can duplicate it, I will add it to the bug list. Thanks for the report.

Joel Billings -> RE: Losses incorrect ? (9/7/2021 9:59:52 PM)

Very strange in that I saw German Pz1b's reported as lost, but in the Soviet section of the left side of the losses screen. The current losses increased for the Axis, but the Total loses went up for the Soviets. Either way, in my test there weren't even any Pz 1bs in the scenario. Clearly a bug that is now on the list, but they are phantom losses.

Denniss -> RE: Losses incorrect ? (9/8/2021 9:30:57 AM)

reminds me of the phantom ISU-122 losses reported by several players for 1941

HardLuckYetAgain -> RE: Losses incorrect ? (9/8/2021 2:20:19 PM)



reminds me of the phantom ISU-122 losses reported by several players for 1941

and Bobo's phantom losses of my tanks when he airlifted his Soviets from an airfield. Seems connected ;-)

Joel Billings -> RE: Losses incorrect ? (9/8/2021 2:59:45 PM)

Pavel just marked this as fixed, so it should be fixed in the next update. It does sound like the bug we had with delayed units somehow getting counted into the losses, but I don't know if this bug was connected.

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