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klschult -> Sealion Diplomatic result triggers (8/28/2021 6:22:15 PM)

I am trying to figure out the triggers for the axis diplomatic advances for Spain and Turkey after Sealion. I have run many tests and can only make guesses so far.

Any advantage does not occur the turn of Sealion but at some point after that.

The time after Sealion is random but never (almost never?) more than 2 turns after.

Buying diplomatic points in the respective countries helps in either the size or probability of the effect - or it doesn't, I'm guessing on this one.

Whatever the effect is, it is determined at the time of Sealion. Saving and running it a couple of hundred times will waste a lot of time as it will not change.

Can anyone confirm this or have a different experience?

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Sealion Diplomatic result triggers (8/28/2021 8:39:33 PM)

From memory, its been a while (its in the scripts)

Axis within 2 hexes of London or Manchester or Edinburgh US & SU move 10-15% towards Allies

Axis capture & hold London or Manchester or Liverpool - Spain moves 6-12% towards Axis and Turkey moves 45-55% (which is ridiculous) towards Axis

Edited : If you are playing vs AI I think some of this may change depending on what level you are playing. Not sure don't play vs AI.

klschult -> RE: Sealion Diplomatic result triggers (8/28/2021 8:46:59 PM)

Thank you. I've seen it in the scripts, although the exact hexes and % numbers are new for me.

I was wondering more about the probability and timing. It doesn't seem to happen on a regular basis and it does seem to happen only within a short time period after the trigger.

Hmmm, I guess I could try stationing some garrison units in London, as usually I evacuate them to use units elsewhere.

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Sealion Diplomatic result triggers (8/28/2021 8:50:55 PM)

I have no idea. When playing PBEM games you defend London very strongly.

BillRunacre -> RE: Sealion Diplomatic result triggers (8/29/2021 7:05:34 PM)

The scripts for Spain and Turkey have a 10% chance of firing in any turn where their conditions are met, so they may not be triggered immediately. Hopefully this explains the variation you've seen.

klschult -> RE: Sealion Diplomatic result triggers (8/29/2021 10:47:48 PM)

Thank you. That, with PvtBenjamin's post, explain all the results I've seen.

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