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Chernobyl -> Interested in a learning game (8/28/2021 1:39:26 AM)

I would be interested in playing a 1939 game until either player decides they are fed up with the game.

This would be my first SC:WAW game although I have experience with a dozen SC:WW1 games so I'm new to this version but I understand SC in general. I guess that makes me "intermediate".

I want to play against someone who realizes this is a "learning" and "friendly" game that may quite possibly end prematurely. I might screw up since I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't want to spend hours playing a game I am unhappy with due to obligation. Of course, I am totally open to you conceding "early" also if you wish to.

You can be a beginner or an expert. Either way I will learn. Just be friendly!

Maybe 1 turn a day (more in the beginning). You may choose which side you prefer. PM me.

KlasE -> RE: Interested in a learning game (8/28/2021 5:24:47 AM)


I have set up a game, me as axis.

Password: 2021.

Any house rules to consider? You choose, to me it doesn't matter.

Tip is to always ask about house rules. In the beginning, maybe my third game, I was not aware of any house rules, and one guy almost wrote that I was cheating when I used Italian navy to scout for German navy. Not so friendly I thought :-)

I have played 20-25 MP. One ELO game finished, and have one ongoing. I'm probably inbetween intermediate and expert.

See you in Poland! The axis won't be friendly though!

Good luck!


Old_Shane -> RE: Interested in a learning game (9/10/2021 1:07:41 PM)

If you want to start another game I am happy to play. Your terms are agreeable! I have two set up - one for each side. Pick one. pw=Human

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