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DeletedUser44 -> .07 Beta font issues (8/20/2021 1:08:07 AM)

These were all fixed (even if accidentally) in .03


When playing on a large monitor, the smaller fonts are super tiny.

MarkShot -> RE: .07 Beta font issues (8/20/2021 8:52:08 AM)

I went back to Beta 102 (I have a server backup system - about 2 weeks ago).

I did not see any difference between then and now. (nor anything matching what you are seeing on PRODUCTION)

My scaling setting is: auto 100% (1080p Window; primary display of two)

Joel Billings -> RE: .07 Beta font issues (8/20/2021 3:57:58 PM)

Ok, you appear to be showing the top right side of the production screen. I thought before you were saying we had scaled the top bar, which is something different. AFAIK, there was no new change to the production screen scaling in 1.01.03 as the changes in .03 were for the right bar items. What resolution are you running at? Are you using all default fonts, and what scaling preference are you running at? Do you have any of the boxes checked re High DPI scaling in the properties for your exe (if you don't know what I'm talking about here, they you won't have any boxes checked). What is your basic windows text percentage set to? with more info, we can try to figure out why your system has changed.

DeletedUser44 -> RE: .07 Beta font issues (8/21/2021 8:21:07 AM)


Of course you will not find a difference in .02, the difference would be in .03.


It is *both* the production screen and the top bar that is back to being micro-text.

Are you guys on drugs?

MarkShot -> RE: .07 Beta font issues (8/21/2021 9:20:52 AM)

That is rude.

I am on the very latest beta (installer) in terms of game play. But I reloaded Beta 2 from my backup server (2 weeks old) just to make check of our issue, and see if I might add anything of value.

I do this. Because whenever I (new player) have a question someone gives me a useful answer. So, it was what I could do (that and I am a retired software engineer).

That is rude.

loki100 -> RE: .07 Beta font issues (8/21/2021 11:30:37 AM)





It is *both* the production screen and the top bar that is back to being micro-text.

Are you guys on drugs?

you've been warned before to keep your comments polite ... something to bear in mind

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