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CRW1940 -> Road to Kiev victory (8/19/2021 8:46:33 PM)

This is the second game I have ever achieved a victory in, and not one I expected to win either. I should note that so far I have only played this game on easy, and that when I do play, I don't use fog of war, and the reasons for these two options is because I am a beginner, I don't feel confident yet, and I am still trying to get the mechanics, and eventually I want to toy around a little with the HQ's and adding special squads and battalions to units.

I watched a tutorial by a youtuber named Strategy Gaming Dojo, and his multi video tutorials really helped me to understand overall tactics to use in the game to encircle units and get them to surrender. I was hesitant around the first few turns about whether I could pocket a lot of Red Army units, but I did around Lvov, Tarnopol, Zhitomir, and even Kiev. I managed to obliterate most of the Red Airforce on the first turn, so I didn't have to worry about them.

The first few turns I managed to pocket the soviets, so as I approach the final turn, they presented little resistance to me. I did let my panzers rest a turn or two, so I didn't deplete them of their oil.

One big thing I think I really could've done better was taking my time, and making sure that each army was not spread out, but together in a united front line, and I could've probably have moved up my Luftwaffe units later on in the game. I also did not use them to attack any cities like Poltava, Kharkov, Kiev, or Stalino, because I figured it only being 11 turns, the Soviets wouldn't be able to replace their units quickly.

I want to try "the road to Moscow" and "the road to Leningrad" again because I now feel more confident in my encirclements, and I think because I used only one panzer group instead of two like in the Moscow scenario, I understand that I don't need to use two panzer armies necessarily to create encirclements.

If you guys have any questions, critiques, or advice, I'd love it! I eventually want to play on hard mode, and if possible game with a player on here.



CRW1940 -> RE: Road to Kiev victory (8/19/2021 8:55:28 PM)

I thought i'd post the casualties and numbers from the game, but it won't let me upload the screenshot from the game.

BrianG -> RE: Road to Kiev victory (8/20/2021 11:13:18 AM)

Good job on the victory.

My advise would be to play this over but in a hot seat so you play both sides.

But with fog of war on. And at normal level for each.

JoeLewis -> RE: Road to Kiev victory (8/22/2021 1:58:47 PM)

Congratulations! There is a Road to Leningrad walkthrough on the WITE Library of Resources that I highly recommend for new players because that really helped me a lot.

You are right that you do not have to always keep all panzers attacking. Ideally, 1-2 panzer corps do an HQBU every turn to stock up on fuel and supplies for the next turn and keep your momentum going.

Something that always helped me when visualizing the fighting in the south is that the Romanian border is much closer to the front lines than your initial invasion border. So if you drive towards Kiev, your rail repair will take a very long time and be very expensive. However, if you wait you can send 1 FBD to Romania (there is also a Romanian FBD) and rail out of there. What that means is your attack tends to drive between Kiev an Odessa but stays in supply a lot more effectively.

You also have to choose whether you want Romanian units to activate right away or if you want them to wait until Turn 3. There is a boundary so if you do not cross south of it then Romanian units will not activate and neither will most of the Soviet Southern Front. Because of poor Soviet rail and limited ability of Movement Points, the "Romania freeze opening" combined with rail repair out of Romania can be very powerful.

Telemcus has a good approach to a German opening but that is definitely an advanced strategic approach that takes a few grand campaigns before you get comfortable with what he asks you to do. See his brief encounter AAR here:

Batoot -> RE: Road to Kiev victory (9/18/2021 6:57:12 AM)

The first few turns I managed to pocket the soviets, so as I approach the final turn, they presented little resistance to me. I did let my panzers rest a turn or two, so I didn't deplete them of their oil.

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