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Struan76 -> Passive AAM engagement against OECM (8/18/2021 11:24:55 AM)

I've been playing around with the R-27P anti-radiation homing missile (dbid=2055). Interesting weapon that could have been applied in different ways.

However, I can't get a passive engagement to work against a jamming target (eg Growler, Prowler). You can see in the attached that even though the target is in weapon range and is declared hostile, launch is prevented against an imprecise target (using Shift+F1). This would appear to be counter-intuitive, in that the R-27P sensor is a passive seeker that is designed to home in on a jamming signal.

I understand significant work went into improving the game logic around airborne CEC, but is there a way to conduct a passive AAM engagement with an ARH? This would have consequences for AEW&C type aircraft as well as OECM. The whole idea of passive RF engagements is to target an 'imprecise target', eg angle track only or a home on jam capability!

Struan76 -> RE: Passive AAM engagement against OECM (8/18/2021 11:28:07 AM)

I should add I looked at using a SE_AttackContact with BOL launch using the target position (lat/long) derived from SE_GetContact.

But none of the AAMs in the DB are BOL enabled...

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