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Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/19/2021 5:05:21 PM)

Allied turn of June 20th, 1942

As expected, Axis troops moved North just enough to cut the rail link near Ivanov and keep the Soviet army in shambles. The whole sector near Vitebsk is now too far for the supply lanes to reach. The link could not be re-established but Stavka will attempt to do so in the next two weeks if an opportunity shows itself. However, the gap between Kirov and Yaroslavl means that the rail link remains open for grabs is the Axis so wishes.

Further East the link near Kirov was recovered and Stavka even ordered a desperate attack on a Panzer corps that was forced to retreat. The objective is to scare the Germans enough for them to retreat the whole sector South, far from the strategic rail line between Kirov and the rest of Soviet forces. However, it is a bluff that the Germans will probably call it if their action up to now are a good measure of their risk tolerance and of what is at stake: the destruction of, at least, two whole Soviet fronts.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/19/2021 5:05:47 PM)

In the South, the Germans attacked the Black Sea Fleet supporting Rostov and the city as well. The fleet was seriously damaged but ordered to stay put and keep providing shore support. Rostov is the lock to the Caucasus and any delay forced on the German is worth its price in gold, even at the expense of the Black Sea Fleet. For now, Rostov defenders are holding fast and probably causing some frustration at OKW.

East of Rostov, or West of Stalingrad to be precise, an attack was ordered, and it managed to force the German 28th division to surrender. The attack was a little daring, and the Soviet position is now more precarious because of it, but again, a desperate situation requires desperation actions as Marshal Voroshilov was heard saying.

Not much else happened in other sectors, except another attack on the Free Norwegian Fleet based in Stettin. No damage was reported scored on any ship.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/19/2021 5:10:18 PM)

Diner time at the outskirts of Rostov. Most of the food arrives by sea, at night usually.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/19/2021 5:12:29 PM)

Soviet mechanized corps near Kirov.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/21/2021 11:54:10 PM)

Allied turn of July 4th, 1942

The supply situation remains dire! Leningrad is now completely cut off as well and the Tver Front is mostly out of supply and at risk of been encircled. Kronstad seems also to simply have surrendered to Axis invaders, the local sailors have simply handed to fortress to Hungarian troops.

The 2nd Cavalry cops was sent toward Gorki to cut of the rail link north of the city and try to slow down the panzers.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/21/2021 11:54:46 PM)

In the South, Rostov falls, and panzer simply go south, now that they have a supply link through the city.

The 12th mechanized corps and the 27th army, as well as some support divisions in the center, sacrificed themselves to go deep into German lines to, temporarily at least, cut off the supply link. Stavka is confident that the Romanian supply ships can not cross the Kersh Straits to reach Rostov.


stjeand -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/23/2021 8:35:57 PM)


Fantastic AAR...
Not sure how you find the time but I loved it...
Yes it is better being the winner but even had I was a amazing read.

I suppose I have to pick up my AAR work asap.

Mine was SO bland compared to this.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/23/2021 11:55:27 PM)

Thanks Stjeand. Well, you might like my AAR but it was Fantastic game on your part. I had a lot of fun, and hopefully gained some experience. [:)]

Sorry to all the spectators, I would have liked to keep the show going on, but I let the Soviet die, so it was over, and it would not have been an interesting few years. I was still hopping for some kind of miracle during the Summer to still keep the Soviet at least alive and "bothersome", but even I must stop been na´ve at some point.[8|]

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