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Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/4/2021 9:51:55 PM)

As it seems that the Axis will stay and fight in Norway, with troops from three different Axis countries, General Alexander was sent to Oslo to take command, asses the situation and find a solution to the actual stalemate. However, the arrival of Winter, sooner than latter, will probably mean that the situation will not change much in the few coming months.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/4/2021 9:53:36 PM)

Despite the dire situation, Soviet soldiers are nonetheless celebrating the arrival of the Rasputista. Because without it, the situation would be even more dire, if that is possible.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/5/2021 12:16:00 AM)

Allied turn of October 24th, 1941

In the East, Kursk falls after about six weeks of siege, but Tallinn in Estonia holds against German assaults. The rest of the very intertwined front, to say the least, remains relatively stable for now. In Finland, a Finish corps left its position on the Svir to protect the Eastern flank of the front, but the rest of the Axis units stayed put, keeping a pressure on Leningrad from the East in the upcoming Spring.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/5/2021 12:16:42 AM)

In Norway the front seems stable and should remain so for the Winter. The Italian air force tried to attack a British Carrier fleet but was repulsed with a bloody nose.

U-boats in the Atlantic are still inflicting serious loses but are starting to consistently having a hard time as well.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 12:24:44 AM)

Allied turn of November 7th, 1941

In the Soviet Union, the upcoming Winter keeps the front more or less stable, but some counter attacks were done by Soviet troops. Most achieved little, but one, South of Moscow, dislodged the II SS Panzer Corps from it position. However, Soviet troops have not yet been able to occupy the position vacated by the retreating Germans. At least, the quality and training of new conscripts is increasing by each week!


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 12:25:04 AM)

In the North Sea, the Barham group was sunk by German air raids while patrolling off the coast of Norway. The Admiralty is not pleased with the situation, but such is the cost of war. In Norway proper, the front remains very stable. Some Axis units near Oslo are believed to be at the limit of their supply lines. General Alexander is considering an offensive if that can be confirmed.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 12:25:36 AM)

In North Africa, Axis troops rearranged their deployment at the Libyan border. A small adjustment in British and ANZAC defenses was therefore ordered.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 1:28:43 AM)

Allied turn of November 21st, 1941

In the Soviet Union, the Tula-Orel pocket was finally eliminated, some resistance seems to still be detected in the area of the 70th Army, but all other sectors are clearly in German or Italian hands, especially the all-important rail hub of Tula. However, the stubborn resistance, and sacrifice, of the courageous Soviet defenders might have saved Moscow in the short term at least. German troops also retreated from the extreme Eastern part of their front that was at the South of the Oka river, probably to shorten the supply line with the beginning of Winter.

Germany did conduct some offensives around Vitebsk (where they closed in on the city by taking the all-important marshes West of it) and Velikie Luki. It is believed they might want the rail lines around those sectors, either for themselves or to deny them to our troops, some of which are at the extreme limit of their supply in this sector. Our troops also conducted some limited offensives of their own, one of which actually East of Vitebsk to try to reconnect the city by rail with Rzhev and Kalinin further East. It is a work in progress as one advisor to Stvaka said to the British ambassador.

In other news, the isolated 50th Rifle Corps managed to cut the only rail junction to the German troops near Leningrad (However, the 50th Corps is in no shape to keep the position) and the Norwegian fleet was spotted in the Guld of Riga for reasons unknown.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 1:29:27 AM)

Near Norway, the Glorious carrier group was severely damaged by air raids. Axis aircrews seem to be more and more effective in their attacks with each week. The group will need extensive repairs before returning to duty. The Admiralty decided to play it safer and ask the admiral to keep their fleets farther from the coast than before.

An extra infantry corps was sent to Norway. Due to the Axis air cover, the corps landed in Throndheim and will rail South from there.

Just West of Oslo, the Romanians holding the line were pushed by a British offensive and General Alexander is analysing to see if he could trap the Italian corps that was on the Romanian’s flank.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 6:08:03 PM)

Allied turn of December 4th, 1941

In a daring move, the kind of daring move that can win a war, Axis troops landed and paradropped behind the main Commonwealth line in Egypt, taking advantage that no Royal Navy units are even remotely near, except two submarine flotillas. Royal Navy ships might not have stopped the invasions, but they could at least force the Italian fleet to go back home instead of supporting the invasion. British bombers intercepted the invading fleets in two occasions, but need only symbolic damage in the first attempt. A whole panzer corps landed just West of El-Alamein while German paratroopers dropped on the Southern flank of the panzer while Italian marines landed in the Nile Delta and are trying to move into Cairo.

The War Office is attempting to repair this huge mistake and is sending back a Carrier fleet to the Mediterranean (as well as two more corps, one from England, one from Kuwait), hoping it can reach the theater in time. The fact that Malta is still strongly in British hands might help. But for now, all hopes are on the second ANZAC entrenched at El-Alamein. An anti-tank regiment was rushed-in to help. It is not known if the Axis did expect a whole corps to hold this position, yet the forces landed could still be able to push the defenders back, especially with naval shore support. Even more worrisome is the fact that that five Commonwealth corps are for now isolated West of the landing. They normally should be able to link with friendly troops in Eastern Egypt, but only if Axis troops in Libya do not take advantage to pounce on them during the chaotic retreat.

In other news, the ubiquitous Romanians have relieved the Italians in Rhodes.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 6:09:02 PM)

In Norway, the British are slowly pushing the Italians and Romanians West of Oslo, aiming to trach Stavanger eventually.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 6:10:03 PM)

In Finland, the Svir was abandoned by Axis units, possibly due to supply problems. Soviet troops are trying to occupy the vacated positions. Further north Soviet cavalry is grabbing as much Finish land as possible in order to affect Finish morale.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 6:10:46 PM)

In the Soviet Union, Stavka ordered some offensives in different sectors. The only ones worth any attention are the attempt at dislodging the III Panzer Corps South-East of Moscow. The panzer corps managed for now to hold the positions, but Stavka will renew the attack as soon as possible.

In what can be seen as a victory, Vitebsk was connected to the country rail network when a German mechanised corps was forced to retreat (although it is now unaccounted for, so Stavka can not confirm the exact result of the battle). This should simplify Soviet supply in the whole sector.

In other news, three veteran armies and a tank corps arrived near Vitebsk and Rzhev directly from Siberia.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 7:29:14 PM)

Allied turn of December 18th, 1941

The United States of America is now at war! Their help will be essential if there is any chance left to stabilise the desperate situation.

In Egypt, the lack of supply means that the isolated troops will not be able to reach and attack the German troops blocking their supply line before another 2 weeks, but by then there might be nothing left of them. The situation in Egypt is catastrophic. The Axis might still be contained for now, but it will be very difficult, costly in lives and require some luck as well.

For now, the Army HQ and its security regiments as well as a full British corps were destroyed or forced to surrender. As a consolation price, the British submarines can claim the destruction of an Italian cruisers and destroyer’s squadron.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 7:29:46 PM)

In Norway the British keeps pushing the Italians but encountered a Panzer Corps while doing so. German Panzers and Mechanized corps seem to be very numerous and deployed in many theaters.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 7:30:52 PM)

In the Eastern Front, the situation remains stable.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:17:53 PM)

Allied turn of January 2nd, 1942

All five corps that where in Western Egypt are now gone, for the most they surrendered! This is most probably the biggest military defeat in the history of Great Britain! Only the 2nd Anzac is standing in front of Axis troops now and it could even by bypassed. The United States is rushing in to help but might most probably arrive too late to save Egypt.

There was some action at sea in the area, but nothing decisive


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:18:35 PM)

In Norway not much has changed.

In the Atlantic, the U-boats had a field day like they did not have in a while. With about 700 000 tons sunk, excluding a handful of escort ships also sunk. An air raid on Bordeaux was therefore ordered and did some damage to submarines there, but nothing serious.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:21:09 PM)

In the East, Tallinn falls to German assault. The 1st Estonian Army was pushed out of town after a siege of a few months now. Most Axis actions on the front were numerous ground strikes. Soviet attempted some local attacks with little success.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:34:22 PM)

A German propagenda picture was intercepted showing Commonwealth troops taken into custody.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:44:54 PM)

British officials preparing to evacuate Cairo.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:47:45 PM)

Australian soldiers, stripped of most of their transportation equipment, nervously awaiting the Axis next move.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/6/2021 9:49:43 PM)

Even Churchill was left speachless... The picture was taken by Miss Elizabeth Nel, Churchill's secretary.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/7/2021 12:27:01 AM)

Allied turn of January 16th, 1942

In the Atlantic, the result of the last two week is almost the same, to the ship, of the previous two weeks. Those loses can not be sustained like that every month!

In the Mediterranean theater, all the Axis troops retreated to the Libyan border much to the 2nd ANZAC surprise! Only the Italians marines remained trapped and were rounded up and forced to surrender. At sea, the British 20th Submarine group is believed lost.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/7/2021 12:27:47 AM)

Local attacks in the Soviet Union. The only notable result is that the II Panzer Corps was shattered and will have to be reconstituted far away from the front. Soviet front-line troops are still amateur at war making when compared to the Germans, but the gap is closing, a first corps, a tank one, was even awarded the title of Guard!

In other news, General Auchinlek took command in Norway where the front is now in a stalemate.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/7/2021 2:15:00 AM)

Allied turn of January 30th, 1942

The last two weeks were very calm overall, but some limited sectors saw action. In the East, Germany conducted massive air raids all over the front to harass Soviet troops and even mounted an offensive with good success East of Kursk, destroying an army and forcing a redeployment of Soviet troops further East. Stavka, is nonetheless pleased to announce that a second tank corps was awarded the Guard status.

In the Mediterranean, the Americans arrived in Egypt. They arrived at about the time the Allies were expecting a fight for Alexandria, but since the Axis troops retreated instead to Libya, their arrival was rather anticlimactic.

At sea what were believed to be the last two Italian submarine flotillas were destroyed near Malta and near Alexandria respectively by the RAF.

In Norway a daring plan was refused by the War Office. A revised plan was resubmited by a disgruntled Auchinlek.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/7/2021 2:29:56 AM)

Crippled Italian submarine stranded on the Egyptian shore.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/8/2021 1:00:30 AM)

Allied turn of February 14th, 1942

A quiet couple of weeks everywhere with very little action. The only thing worth nothing in the East is that the Germans seems to be closing in on Voronezh. Although this could also be a feint to move further East before moving South to try to trap the Soviet troops around Kharkov and Stalino. Stavka ordered a redeployment behind better defensive positions such as the Donets. Some fresh reinforcements are also expected soon to reinforce the Voronezh sector.

In Norway, around Bergen, the Axis attacked the 15th British Division for a few days in a row. The division held its position and inflicted serious loses on the Romanian and German attackers.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/8/2021 3:26:31 AM)

Soviet tanks in the vicinity of Moscow.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (9/8/2021 3:32:26 AM)

Further South-East of Moscow, Soviet tanks take defensive position now that General Winter is about to leave for a few months.


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