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boldairade -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/24/2021 5:16:09 PM)

enjoying this one!

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/24/2021 9:20:12 PM)

Thanks! I have fun playing it and writing it!

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/24/2021 9:50:29 PM)

Allied turn of December 20th, 1940

Merchant loses in the Atlantic. Heavy but manageable for now. Not much else to report except that the War Office has approved the constitution of an experimental mechanized combat unit of corps size: the Albion Mechanized Group.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 1:28:24 PM)

Allied turn of January 3rd, 1941

Nothing worth reporting happened lately. Losses in the Atlantic were moderate, more in line with what can be handled, but on the other hand, no U-boats were reported lost either. It is therefore believed that both OKM and the Admiralty were satisfied…

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 7:30:11 PM)

Allied turn of January 17th, 1941

Radio transmissions were intercepted from what is believed to be the German fleet that left Bordeaux undetected. It seems to be in the Southern part of the North Atlantic and heading toward the American coast. Royal Navy units, including submarines, were dispatched with orders to engage combat at any cost.

When the fleet admirals asked for confirmation, the Admiralty replied that it was only a matter of speech and that it is for the local commanders to decide if the potential cost might be too high or not.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 7:36:35 PM)

Admiral Tovey, commander of the Battleship fleet, one the pursuing British Fleets.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 8:58:26 PM)

Allied turn of January 31st, 1941

In a brilliant move, the Axis betrayed Vichy France and invaded both Metropolitan Vichy France and Vichy North Africa during the Winter catching the British War Office unprepared. All troops ready for intervention had been sent back to Great Britain in early November and therefore no units were reading for a quick reaction. Nonetheless, two understrength corps (due to landing craft shortages) are being rushed toward the new theater in case there is still an opportunity to have a foothold in French North Africa.

In mainland France, German forces took Vichy and Marseille easily and are closing in on Lyon and Toulouse. In North Africa, the Axis landed only near Algiers. An Italian and German corps assaulted Algiers and took it but could not properly deploy inside the city. Another Italian unit had to be sent therefore for a follow-up invasion to take the city proper and force the local authorities to surrender.

Surface units and submarines of the Regia Marina supported the invasion with other submarine flotillas patrolling around Oran. Tunisia was mostly ignored for this step of the invasion, except for a German unit entering from Libya.

The Royal Navy based in Malta took the opportunity to finally engage the Italians. The British Carrier fleet was intercepted by Italian submarines who suffered heavy trying to breach the fleet escort screen. That same submarine flotilla was finished-off by the escaping French fleet from Marseille, but not before the British fleet launched a carrier strike on the Italian surface fleet inflicting some damage, but nothing too serious.

In the Atlantic, the British fleets are still trying to close in on the German raiders.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 10:26:45 PM)

Allied turn of February 14th, 1941

In north Africa, the Italian naval forces went back home, and the British Fleet went to Gibraltar. A modest air attempt was made by the Italians against the British fleet, by with no real effect. All North African ports were garrisoned very fast, except in Tunisia. However, not only there were no British units close enough to take advantage of it, but any such adventurism would be doomed at the moment, Tunisia been too far from where British forces can easily operate.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 10:27:51 PM)

Much action happened at sea just South of Newfoundland. First the carrier fleet located the German one and did some moderate damage on the Scharnhorst group. The ensuing chaos allowed for an attempt by the British submarines, that, albeit with some minor loses on their part too, moderately damaged the Bismarck group. Then the main British battle fleet that had called to port just a few miles North in St-John set sail and engaged the German fleet at night. However, again despite superior British fire power, the Germans won the night with the group centered around the Ramillies sustaining serious damage. Four other squadrons, two on each side, sustained moderate damage. Although damaged and probably forced to go back to port, the German fleet is still more or less intact and can be repaired to set sail again latter on. In that perspective, the German mission was a success and the British one a failure du to the fact that no German ships were sunk, except maybe a destroyer attached to the Tirpitz (reports are not quite clear).


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/25/2021 10:36:34 PM)

Footage of the Newfounland naval battle between the two fleets.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 12:31:50 AM)

Allied turn of February 28th, 1941

Italian submarines attempted blockading Malta, but the British fleet from Gibraltar, which for now seems safe, returned to break the blockade. Fighter planes from the island even took out a few submarines that were caught on the surface.

In the Atlantic the German fleet managed to escape all attempts at finding it. A Free French fleet, now operating with the British, even joined the hunt, alas with no success. However, for the first time in a few weeks after only moderate successes, the U-boats did feast on quite a few merchants with much ease. Too many merchants, and too much ease…

In other news, the two squadrons of ships severely damaged respectively at the Battle of the Denmark Strait and the Battle of Newfoundland that were still in port in Canada are been repatriated back in Great Britain.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 2:45:17 PM)

Allied turn of March 14th, 1941

Routine merchant losses, not too small, not too big, at sea, but U-boats are still paying a price for their success. The German fleet is back in Bordeaux licking its wounds while the Allied fleets are back in Great Britain licking their pride. Both sides are probably disappointed with the last few weeks. OKM is probably disappointed at not been able to evade the British and raid with impunity, the admiralty is disappointed at not delivery a serious killing or crippling blow on the Germans despite the occasions.

For the first time since the start of the war, Germany proper was targeted with British bombing runs on industrial areas in North-West Germany. Economically the damage done is modest, but symbolically, it is priceless.

Finally, the troops promised by Australia and New-Zealand have landed in Port-Saïd. More troops are expected in June.

In the last month or so, the German build up at the Soviet border is increasing; no doubt, due to the need of fighting Polish partisans.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 2:49:18 PM)

Polish partisans. The War Office is doing it best to provide help. But it is not easy with the distances and having to bypass both Soviet and German surveillance...


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 5:19:37 PM)

Allied turn of March 28th, 1941

As nothing of importance (that we know of) happened at the front, it might be time to realise that in other parts of the world, the life goes on. For example, a few days ago on March 17th, the National Gallery of Art was opened in the presence of President Roosevelt.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 6:52:59 PM)

Allied turn of April 11th, 1941

Very little action lately with two exceptions. First, some German surface ships were transferred from Bordeaux to Safi in Morocco. The Admiralty dispatched the Atlantic Carrier fleet and the Free French fleet in the vicinity to keep an eye open in case they attempt a sortie again in the Atlantic. The main battle fleet in Cardiff remained in reserve to watch over the ships still in Bordeaux, probably the ones that were most damaged during the last raid. Two submarine flotillas in Gibraltar also put to sea.

Secondly, a lot of movement was observed between ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It seems to be a large reorganisation of the local garrisons. The War Office is still at a loss understanding why the Romanians agreed to help in… Corsica…

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 7:00:54 PM)

Meanwhile in the Soviet Union, life is hard, but not enterily unpleasant in between two purges...


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 8:14:03 PM)

Allied turn of April 25th, 1941

The German ships that had reached Safi not long ago set sail to… go back to Bordeaux. It seems that the Germans were made aware that Allied fleets were patrolling West of Morocco in anticipation of any sortie they might make deep into the Atlantic, The Admiralty is trying to determine were the security leak occurred, but it is probably the Spanish that informed the Germans.

It was very hard at sea with close to 30 escort ships of all size lost and about 800 000 tons worth of merchant shipping. And to make matters worse, no U-boat loses were reported. Seven U-boat flotillas have been identified operating South-West of Iceland. At least one, probably more, other is based for now in France repairing or refitting.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/26/2021 9:57:34 PM)

Allied turn of May 9th, 1941

There were still some relatively heavy loses among the merchant marine, but more in line with what can be copped with and this time the U-boats suffered as well.

It seems that OKM has ordered some ships to play cat and mouse with the Royal Navy as some are back in Safi. Two fleets and some submarines therefore redeployed. One is wondering if Germany is trying to make the United Kingdom spend too much oil, but that would be unlikely with reserved been relatively healthy due to good planning by the War Office.

Tensions seem to be rising in the Persian Gulf. London dispatched a division from Egypt as a show of force.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/27/2021 8:33:57 PM)

Allied turn of May 23rd, 1941

In a move shroud in adject treachery, Nazi Germany betrayed its (more or less) ally, the Soviet Union! In the morning of May 23rd, what is estimated to be a little less than forty Axis corps, from Finland to Romanian, of which about sixteen are tank or mechanised corps, entered the USRR and created havoc in Soviet frontline troops. Three Rifle corps were either pulverised, another five Rifle corps are surrounded, and their fate is sealed (some might even dare to surrender). Another three to five corps, at least, will most probably be encircled soon.

Stavka ordered the immediate raising of six armies with modern equipment, on top of the mobilisation of the reserve armies, equipped with outdated equipment, slowly been reactivated. The Baltic fleet was ordered to raid any German shipping found. Local commanders are desperately trying to establish a front line around Minsk, but the task seem gargantuan in view of the many Axis’ mobile corps. Still, further North and South, Stavka still hopes that the Daugava and Dniester lines respectively can hold for a few more weeks.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/27/2021 8:35:12 PM)

To show that the Soviet Union is no pushover, the 23rd Separate Corps was sent to land near Lübeck and take Hamburg. Such an endeavor took many resources to accomplish and might not be quite worth it with the 23rd corps probably doomed for long term little gains. However, it helped Soviet morale a loot and sent a clear message to the Nazi traitors…

In the UK, Churchill insisted in Parliament that we should forget about the past and hold no grudge. Great Britain has already established a protocol for convoy routes to the Soviet Union through the North Sea and possibly Persia. Once it was clear that Persia insisted to remain completely independent, Soviet troops in the North and British troops in the South invaded the country. In the United state, Roosevelt mumbled something about preserving Iran territorial integrity, but quickly left the press conference avoiding the subject afterward. Resistance in Iran is not expected to last very long, both sides agree on that!

In other news, in the Atlantic, the British merchant ships are suffering again…


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/27/2021 8:44:51 PM)

Soviet soldiers will defend the Motherland!


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 1:09:29 AM)

Allied turn of June 6th, 1941

The Germans continued their advance, mostly in the South of the USSR. Overall, nine rifle corps were destroyed or forced to surrender. Many more are surrounded, or almost surrounded, and can not be saved.

In the North, German forces are closing in on Minsk. The first line of defense is farther East around Mogliev, with some tanks digging in in the sector. However, the Daugava has not been crossed yet. It is a matter of time, but how long it will take might affect the situation in the whole North sector.

In the South, German and Italian armors crossed the Dniester and encircled a large chunk of Soviet troops North-West of Odessa. The Axis supply line is very thin and barely defended, however, the lack of cavalry in the sector cancelled any opportunity there might have been to at least temporarily cut supply to the forward Axis tanks. For now, Stavka will try to slow down the Axis at the Dnieper.

In other sectors, the Fins reached the Svir, while Soviet Cavalry is harassing Soviet troops in the center of the country. In Hamburg, the 23rd Separate Corps was encircled and German PanzerGrenadiers are about to assault the city. Soviet tanks are still advancing toward Teheran.

However, the most worrisome news for Stavka, is that the Axis can field at least 18 mobile corps (counting the one around Hamburg that seems to be coming back from the East). This is a formidable force that will be hard to stop.

In other sectors, German fighters are now contesting British bombing of strategic targets, forcing Bombing Command to revaluate the procedure, and the Battle of the Atlantic rages on, still very violent.

The most important news is probably that the courier bringing to Moscow the updated maps of the different sectors seems to have been lost, or was captured, or killed, maybe he deserted…?

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 1:12:23 AM)

Many recruits have to start from scratch!


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 1:16:17 AM)

Yet, there is no choice, the front line can not wait...


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 1:20:11 AM)

The missing courrier was last seen entering this forest...


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 3:29:21 PM)

Allied turn of June 20th, 1941

In the Soviet Union, 13 or so more corps are considered lost, including some of the encircled ones since the declaration of war, a few more were also encircled near Odessa that fell to the German invaders. In the South, the situation is therefore quite dire. Axis troops are closing in on Dnepropetrovsk. For now, they seem to ignore Kiev, but the push East could simply hide a hook up-north to cross the Dnieper somewhere in between Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk where defences are thinner. It can only be hoped that the Axis will take some time to reduce the pocket on its flank before continuing its push. If so, the sacrifice of those units would not have been entirely in vain. However, it is also possible the Axis will ignore the pocket and leave it to the upcoming infantry to deal with it, thus allowing the mobile corps to still push forward.

In the Northern and Central sectors, a front was established at the Berezina, but it remains to be seen if it can hold. The battle readiness and overall quality of the troops vary a lot. Overall Stavka has a big dilemma in it hands. Marshal Budyonny would prefer to entrench the armies more with extra defences armament at the expense of mobility, to help resist the German breakthrough. However, Marshal Shaposhnikov is worried that the lack of mobility would simply mean more pocket of Red Army troops when a breakthrough is achieved… Comrade Stalin listened to both sides but has not decided yet in this regard.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 3:30:25 PM)

In Finland, in a daring move, Soviet cavalry pushed forward overextending their supply lane. The operation was ordered to hopefully provoke a reaction of Axis troops elsewhere and maybe removing some pressure at the Svir.

A lone German naval squadron, either a raider or transports with troops heading for Archangel, was detected in the Barents Sea. The 1st Bomber Division will help defend the strategic port if needs be. However, the Soviets complained that no lead lease has been received since the start of Barbarossa despite British assurances to the contrary. The War Bureau is investigating what might have happened after indeed noticing a problem two weeks ago that was tough solved. All procedures were redone from scratch and the War Bureau will closely watch that the convoys do indeed leave for the USSR!


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 3:31:02 PM)

In the West, the German fleet in Bordeaux sailed again and the British are attempting to pursue. Also, a U-boat squadron was detected near the coast of Ferol and a British fleet try to engage it before it could reach the safety of deep sea, alas, without success. Headquarters Air Command has also noticed that German fighters cover in France and Germany has been reduced to a minimum.

In Germany proper, Hamburg was retaken. It can only be seen as a humiliating situation that Germany needed Romanian help in doing so.

In other new, Persian defenders were pushed out of Tehran but the Soviet have not entered the city yet.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 10:19:47 PM)

Allied turn of July 4th, 1941

Disaster on the Berezina! The fascist hordes broke through the Berezina line on the flanks and encircled two tank corps, the two best units of the Red Army! After some hesitation Stavka ordered, maybe impulsively, a counterattack to try to relieve the two trapped corps. Marshal Timoshenko organised the Northern offensive, when it failed, General Vatutin tried the Southern option which also failed. Stavka is now holding its breath and waiting for the German reaction to these failures. It can only be hoped that the two trapped corps will resist long enough and that the two German panzer corps attacked were shaken enough that the Soviet troops still standing East of the front will have time to regroup. Needless to say, the situation is dire…

Not too far from the former Lithuanian border, the Daugava was assaulted and after five days of furious battle, the 42nd Rifle Corps was pushed back. However, General Rokossovsky managed to order the corps back into position before the Germans could cross the river. General Rokossovsky gained the respect of Comrade Stalin who is wondering if he should not have applied Rokossovsky’s reorganisation plans on at least some of the mechanized corps.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/28/2021 10:21:20 PM)

In the South, the Dnieper was breached. Seeing what six or seven mobile corps can do in the North, and taking into account that there are at least nine of them in the South, Stavka ordered a general retreat. A retaliatory attack was ordered on Constanta but failed to achieve any tangible result. Also, the Black Sea fleet was transferred from Sebastopol to Batum.


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