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Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/17/2021 8:31:14 PM)

Allied turn of April 12th, 1940

Minor loses for both sides in the Atlantic. Quiet elsewhere but not for long probably.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/18/2021 5:24:44 PM)

Allied turn of April 26th, 1940

Modest merchant loses in the Atlantic but another 10 escorts crafts or so were also lost prompting the Admiralty to ask for an increase in escort production. The war at sea, will be a long one.

French agents in Germany managed to get a hold of parts of the German plans for the Spring offensive (which despite good weather did not start yet). Although not quite sure if the plans were genuine, the French government ordered the XLIVe Fortress Corps to take position in Luxembourg preventively. In an attempt to appease the population, the French government guaranteed Luxembourg’s independence despite the occupation and promised not to mingle into internal affairs. Nonetheless, the Dutch and Belgium government protested formally and vehemently the invasion. Scouts form the corps that advanced into France mentioned having noticed quite impressive tanks of models yet unknown just across the river in Germany proper.

The BEF is now fully deployed in France. Originally the deployment was supposed to be behind the Somme. However, a superstitious rumor among the troops started to spread that the ghosts of the Somme will force all British soldiers to surrender. To maintain morale, it was therefore agreed, much to the French amusement, to instead deploy before the Somme instead, while the French will occupy the other bank. Overall, three British corps were deployed. A Canadian Corps is also protecting the extreme flank, at Dunkirk, of the first French line.

Both the French and British factories are trying to develop and produce in a rush a second and third generation of fighter respectively before hostilities escalate. In both cases the answer from officials is “sometimes in May”. Luckily, a big chunk of British and French infantry units, but not all, have received some improved artillery pieces.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/18/2021 8:42:27 PM)

Allied turn of May 10th, 1940

Taking advantage of the fact that Belgium was too outraged toward the Allies to join them after the Luxemburgate of last month, Germany invaded the Netherlands to bypass the French Corps well entrenched now in between Germany and Belgium. In the next few days, the 2ème Bureau assumes that German troops will invade Belgium from the North, not having to bother pushing first the French corps now in the easy to defend, from their side anyway, Luxembourg.

Nonetheless, despite that the Germans will probably reach the French border very soon, the 2ème Bureau believe the hole situation pushed back German plans by about two weeks since they decided to play it safe instead. This might allow French and UK fighter wings to get their new more advanced planes in time, as well as some better artillery for some 2nd line French Corps.

Radio intercepts seems to indicate relatively high armored loses on the German side during the push toward Amsterdam. The RAF also had some severe loses in its bomber wings after a misinterpretation of the permitted operational sectors.

In other news, the British Fleet at sea near the Norwegian coast since March sailed back for home and should be there soon. London is worried that the Germans might have been waiting exactly for that to take Norway (it will be known in the next few days). However, German parachutist have been spotted in Stuttgart, not Denmark as it was first believed. It might be possible that due to bad weather, the invasion of Norway that seemed imminent in March might have been postponed. It is also possible that it was never planned either.

At sea, in the Atlantic, both U-boats and merchants suffered moderate loses.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/18/2021 10:00:44 PM)

Allied turn of May 24th, 1940

German panzers entered Belgium and reached Brussel in a matter of days, pushing aside any opposition. Strangely, German troops did not advanced deeper into the country and avoided contact with Allied troops.

After much debate, the French High Command decided to keep the corps holding Luxemburg in place. The position is precarious, but well defended and it is believed it might delay the German army enough to be worth it. Further West, the Canadian army requested the permission to withdraw to a secondary line closer to the Somme, but the request was denied.

U-boats keep putting pressure in the Atlantic and loses are mounting. However, the U-boats are themselves not immune to Allied countermeasures.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/18/2021 10:04:26 PM)

The Belgian King addressing his people.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/19/2021 3:46:46 PM)

Allied turn of June 7th, 1940

The German army reached the French borders and made very modest advance into France. A probing attack on Lille was also easily repulsed. After much debate, it was decided once more to keep occupying Luxemburg.

The air battles over the battlefields shared equally by French and British fighters were rough for the Allies but sustainable. This can only improve now with the latest top-of-the-line Spitfires just out of the factories and reaching all fighter squadrons in England.

The battle of the Atlantic was rough for the British fleet in the last few days with heavy loses.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/20/2021 3:11:14 AM)

Allied turn of June 21st, 1940

German tanks and infantry pushed deeper into France. Lille was captured after five days of furious fighting, strangely of frontal assaults by only two enemy corps at once each time. Loses are high for France on the ground but still manageable for now. In the air, Germany, France and UK all suffered more or less equally, meaning German fighters are dominating the skies, but not for free!

The XLIV Fortress Corps was finally pulled back from Luxembourg. Holding the small country served no purpose anymore and the corps would be more useful in France proper where the front line still holds for now. After the withdrawal, Paris sent its apologies and regrets to Luxembourg for the temporary occupation. Canadian troops, almost isolated in Dunkirk, evacuated to London before it would be too late.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/20/2021 8:41:23 PM)

Allied turn of July 5th, 1940

The German army achieved a clear breakthrough in France heading straight through the corridor that lies more or less in between the Somme to the West and the Seine to the East of Paris. For now, German troops did not try to cross the Seine and did not attempt to cross the Somme, preferring to outflank it. Only a small probing attack, that severely bloodied the nose of the attackers, was attempted on the British on the III Corps.

However, to avoid been encircled, the BEF had to retreat behind the Seine West of Paris and leave the defense of Rouyn to the French. London is considering evacuating its whole contingent very soon as it seems the situation of the French Army can only deteriorate. The French Army suffered quite heavy loses with two corps been either annihilated or dispersed for quite a while, having to be reformed in the back. German loses were not light but still very acceptable in view of the results achieved.

In the air, after handling itself correctly in the first weeks, the French air force suffered huge loses, been now pushed to its limits. German and British loses in the air were moderate, almost light, and certainly acceptable.
In the United Kingdom, the first phase of the mobilisation is now complete, and the government is confident that the homeland can now already be protected properly against a German invasion attempt, baring the repatriation of at least 2/3 of the BEF. And such an attempt could probably not occur until late August at best.

London is confident enough to send about a fourth of its fighter groups to protect Malta amid rumors of war in Rome. It is expected that such a show of force might force Italy to think twice about it before making a hazardous decision in the near future.

In the Atlantic, German submarines exchanged loses with the British merchant navy, which is usually not to their advantage.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/20/2021 8:51:56 PM)

French fighter squadron in a makeshift base South-West of Paris


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 2:27:22 AM)

Allied turn of July 19th, 1940

German Panzers breached the Seine East of Paris. France suffered serious loses. The breach can obviously not be sealed, and the French army is at risk of not only be cut in two, but also encircled in two separate pockets. Once Paris is taken (which most people think it is only a matter of time, except the most patriotic ones), or even before, German panzers can easily push South toward Vichy and Lyon, or maybe even drive West toward St-Nazaire. German paratroopers have even been spotted deep inside France, probably ready to jump and help to capture whatever target OKW picked; maybe even the ports needed to keep an escape route for the BEF.

The British government decided therefore to order an evacuation of BEF in two phases. First, they will retreat toward designated ports that they will defend, and second, they will embark back to the United Kingdom, except for the III Corps ordered to sail to Egypt, as the rumor of war in Rome only grew stronger. Needless to say that the French government if furious.

Strangely, despite the fact that the Luftwaffe dominated the skies in the last two weeks, it was nowhere to be seen recently and did not contest the air to French bombers. However, French bombers are not numerous enough to make the difference and British bombers were allowed to operate only in the sector of the BEF.

In a desperate move to slow down the German war machine, the French High Command ordered French troops to advance and try to squeeze the enemy troops as best as possible in a small corridor to impede their movement toward Paris. But any experienced general observing the situation can realise that the French troops will only be severely pushed back and probably only moderately slow down the enemy.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 2:28:01 AM)

French troops near Paris trying to hold the German juggernaut!


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 2:19:33 PM)

Allied turn of August 2nd , 1940

Paris has fallen to German troops under Manstein’s command. Rouen is still firmly in French hands, but further South Vichy was also taken by three mobile German corps. A desperate attempt to retake the city failed. Overall, the German army seems tired and overextended, however, the French will to fight seems broken and unless they witness a surprising reversal of fortunes, a majority of the French government is willing to negotiate a cease-fire to try to save what can still be saved.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 2:20:38 PM)

With things seriously heating up in the Mediterranean, the British government decided to send even more fighter squadrons in the theater, this time directly to Egypt. However, the units to be sent will first be positioned ready to be shipped, but will be sent only after German intentions regarding the UK become more obvious. After some debate, it was decided to still send only a third of the BEF to Egypt, especially since Australia and New-Zealand promised some troops soon.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 2:21:25 PM)

Soldiers from the II Corps evacuating Cherbourg.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 4:28:46 PM)

Allied turn of August 16th, 1940

With the British abandoning them, and the front in chaos, France made a deal with Germany and retreated to neutrality. Most of France is now occupied by Germany.

The fighter squadrons based in Bristol and that were scheduled to be shipped to Egypt were delayed by a few days. The Luftwaffe deployment in France is slightly worrisome and could, maybe, indicate a preparation for a bombing campaign.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 4:29:38 PM)

In a move that can be seen as a betrayal of its former ally (then again who betrayed first, if anyone, is a matter of perspective), British troops entered Syria. London did not believe that French troops in Syria would be capable of stopping an Axis invasion, so they decided to preventively invade the French mandate. However, the inability to coordinate the attack with the bombers based in Egypt and also stronger resistance than expected meant that, unlike Beirut, Tripoli could not be occupied yet, despite having surrendered to British forces. It is not believed that Italian troops in Rhodes or Eastern Libya are ready for a seaborne invasion, but this can not be known for sure.

In Malta, the defenders are holding their breath. Some more anti-air defenses are expected soon, but for at least two weeks, things could be touch and go over the sky of the small island.

At sea, U-boats where ruthless and worries are mounting in London about what is more and more been called the Battle of the Atlantic.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 7:23:36 PM)

Allied turn of August 30th, 1940

Three Italian corps entered Egypt and advanced fast toward El-Alamein. A corps was rushed to the front from Syria to help the Western Desert Force hold the line. Little German help seems to be coming to Africa with the exception of an air group of some sort.

A massive German build-up was detected on the Vichy and Yugoslavian borders. A corps from the UK was rushed to Gibraltar to be ready for deployment to French North Africa if the Germans break their word and Vichy France joins the Allied fold again. Two more corps in England are also ready for departure if needed. With September around the corner, the window of opportunity for a German invasion of the UK is closing fast, allowing the British army to maybe send more resources oversea.

Heavy merchant and escort losses were reported in Atlantic.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 9:22:51 PM)

Allied turn of September 13th, 1940

As expected, Germany declared war on Yugoslavia and advanced deeply into its territory, easily taking Zagreb in the process. In return Yugoslavia declared war on Italy and a detachment is now advancing toward Trieste while the rest of the army is converging to defend Belgrade.

However, Germany did not make any move into Vichy as it was expected. Only time will tell if it was a bluff or if the rain in Southern France postponed their plans. Still a second infantry corps was sent on standby to Gibraltar.

The Italians in Egypt retreated toward the Libyan border. The Intelligence Corps is still trying to assess if they were afraid of the beefed-up defenses or if it is a trap to draw the Western Desert Force out of its position. For now, General Wavell ordered his troops to stay put. The fleet ready to operate in the sector to support the army therefore returned to Malta. An infantry corps, composed of veterans from France, arrived to help and disembarked West of Alexandria. Now the British have three corps at the front, with another one coming if the Australians and New-Zealanders authorities are to be believed!

Merchant and escort losses keep accumulating faster than they can be replaced, for now. Still, U-boats seem to suffer loses too. The United Kingdom also started a modest strategic campaign on lightly or not defended German controlled targets.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/21/2021 9:25:34 PM)

The United Kingdom does not intend to abandon Malta. It is not only a question of strategic value, but also, maybe even foremost, a question of pride an honor for the Empire!


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 12:44:22 AM)

Allied turn of September 27th, 1940

German troops continued to push toward Belgrade and have started besieging the capital. It is doubtful it can last a serious attempt at taking the city.

Despite very nice weather, no attempt has been made on Vichy. The German air and land buildup at its border remains a mystery to British Intelligence. However, the new air deployment in Sicily, Sardinia and Southern Italy seems to indicate a preparation for a coup de force into French North Africa (and maybe also Malta). It is therefore speculated that the Axis waited to be ready for a move on both Vichy territories at the same time. Due to landing craft shortages (priorities are for escorts and the merchant marine), two very light corps will be sent to Gibraltar in case an assault is actually needed on Morocco’s beaches.

The Battle of the Atlantic continues to be brutal both for the escorts and the ships they are escorting. Nonetheless, German U-boats also suffered severely.

In other news, the Kriegsmarine is out for hunting… the pursuit is starting.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 12:49:11 AM)

German Destroyer Z20 Karl Galster, probably escorting the raiding German fleet.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 12:51:25 AM)

The HMS Nelson is part of the fleet attempting pursuit.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 1:03:16 AM)

A Scottish fishing trawler. The captain offered assitance to the British fleet. It was politely declined for the moment.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 1:39:33 AM)

Allied turn of October 11th, 1940

As expected, Belgrade was taken after only three days of fighting. The rest of the armed forces surrendered only a few days latter. However, many soldiers were seen fleeing to the mountains instead of surrendering.

In a stroke of sheer luck, the British fleet found the German one in the Denmark Strait. However, despite the superior firepower of the British, overall, the Germans came out on top. The group centered on the CA York suffered badly while two German groups suffered minor or moderate damage.

Still no attempt whatsoever by the Axis on Vichy territories. British Army Intelligence is now speculating that the Germans and Italians might be waiting for landing crafts to be delivered.

In other news, a German unit landed in Tobruk. Its size and nature remain unknown for now.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 3:06:51 PM)

Allied turn of October 25th, 1940

The German fleet found a convoy off Labrador and feasted on it. The British carrier fleet managed to find the Germans under the rain and did some moderate damage on the Bismarck group. The main surface fleet however failed to find the enemy to force another surface battle. German U-boats seem to all be in Bordeaux getting repaired, and maybe even upgraded with the exception of at least a group in the South Atlantic but that seems to purposefully avoid raiding.

For the first time since the fall of France, some German troops were transferred East into Poland. Molotov tried to reassure Stalin that the pact with Germany is still strong and kicking, nonetheless Moscow asked Berlin about the transfer, especially since it involves a panzer corps. A junior diplomat of the Reich Ministry responded the usual platitudes about National Sovereignty inside one’s borders and that some troops were needed for anti partisan duties in the area.

Nothing else of interest to report except that the Italian troops still in Egypt retreated behind their border.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/22/2021 3:11:02 PM)

Swordfish coming back after a job well done despite the sub-optimal weather.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/23/2021 4:16:56 PM)

Allied turn of November 8th, 1940

Both British fleets found the German fleet South of Iceland. However, due to bad weather and fighting at extreme range during the pursuit, the results of both fights were mediocre. The Schlesien group suffered moderate damage during the surface engagement and the Barham received in exchange some very minor damage. The Scharnhorst (although some pilots claim it might have been the Gneisenau) was also moderately damaged by a torpedo from a Swordfish.

With the Winter coming, all corps shipborne still in Gibraltar returned to UK, except one, diverted to Egypt instead through the Cape of Good Hope.

In other news, Egypt was liberated by advancing British troops who nonetheless retreated a few miles after their advance. After a meeting of the 8th Army general staff, it was decided that the 2 step forward, 1 step back approach would be the safest one for the time been.

Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/23/2021 4:22:27 PM)

The York group containing the heavy cruisers York and Exeter (seen here anchored near St-John in picture) and their escorts arrived in Newfoundland. Both were badly damaged during the Battle of the Denmark Strait and are in no shape to be considered operational. It is assumed they will eventualy be repaired when ressources will be available for that, but nothing has been planed yet in this regard.


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/23/2021 7:10:16 PM)

Allied turn of November 22nd, 1940

The German fleet, slightly battered but still very much dangerous, reached Brest where they are expected to undergo repair and resupply. Hopefully, not refit as the German ships are dangerous enough as it is. The port is extremely well defended and the rain over the area made an air raid even more difficult. So, it was decided for now to simply reposition some RAF units in the even the German fleet is still there when the rain will subside. Such repositioning has probably not gone unnoticed by OKM, or OKW or even OKL, whoever on the German side takes care of such things…

More German units arrived in Libya, at Tobruk. The Axis air cover seems serious now, probably only for defensive reasons. However, just in case, the extra British Corps on its way (was last reported off Zanzibar) and an eventual corps from Australia and New-Zealand (“soon” the Aussies said), will do much to reassure the War Office that Egypt remains safe.

In other news, many German troops are still positioned near the Vichy border in France and British Army Intelligence might have identify German paratroopers in Sicily. Assuming it is not a decoy, the Axis still seems to have hostile intentions against our former Ally, or what is left of him anyway…


Nirosi -> RE: Stjeand (Axis) vs Nirosi (Allies) No Stjeand for now (8/23/2021 11:06:02 PM)

Allied turn of December 6th, 1940

Many escort ships were sunk lately in the Atlantic by German submarines. Could it be that a new model of U-boat is operational? Nonetheless, despite the pain been more severe on the British war effort than on the German one, the battle is not one sided and not all U-boats come back home to tell their stories and brag about their kills, far from it. Work is also improving on new anti-sub weaponry and tactics.

The German fleet in Brest was probably warned of the RAF menace by whoever takes care of those things on the German side and moved to Bordeaux, out of reach for now.

In Libya, the numerous Axis movements and redeployments looks defensive for now while a very modest build-up of Axis forces continues in Eastern Europe, but very slowly. However, French resistance informed London that large German units have been spotted in Bayonne, near the Spanish border. Could it be that German intentions for the Spring are much more grandiose than just taking over Vichy France?

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