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CRW1940 -> tips for keeping panzer and motorized divisons fueled? (8/7/2021 1:17:41 PM)

Hi guys, I have been playing the game excessively as of late, and I have been trying to come up with a strategy as the German player. my last game was as the German player in the road to moscow game, and I was within a few hexes of moscow, but my motorized and panzer divisions were at 1% fuel, and I couldn't refuel them or get them to move. I had this happen to me in another scenario, and I tried to wait several turns to refuel, but they never did, so I ended up giving up the game and retrying.
I am trying to troubleshoot exactly where I might go wrong. I remember someone told me to let the panzers encircle, then let the infantry do the work, then let the infantry move forward, then the panzers do encirclements again. When I encircle the pocket in the first 2 turns in the area just west of Minsk and I get the encircled army to surrender, I find myself questioning several decisions, and so I need some advice.

CRW1940 -> RE: tips for keeping panzer and motorized divisons fueled? (8/7/2021 1:24:58 PM)

Sorry, I didn't finish my post:

After I get the first pocket to surrender, should I let my infantry move forward to let my panzer and motorized divions time to refuel, and if so, what is the usual amount of time that is acceptable when you have a limited amount of time? I know I have the option to send supplies via air, but the last time I tried that, I misused it because I send them supplies when I should've waited when it was absolute necessity.

The next question is more of a strategic question: After I take Minsk, and I reach the area outside of mogilev, and vitebsk, what are some good points to focus my motorized and panzer divisions at to where I can pull off some kind of encirclement again?

BrianG -> RE: tips for keeping panzer and motorized divisons fueled? (8/7/2021 1:55:57 PM)


You cant run the panzers 100% each turn, eventually fuel will be issue and you get to far from the tip of the rr supply.

You can alternate panzer corp, so one rests a turn while one moves ahead. And in any case try not to be out of range your hq's.

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