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kennonlightfoot -> Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/6/2021 8:56:15 PM)

Time to take a look at the newest version, update 3.1, from the Allied point of view.

There have bee a lot of changes and fixes in updates 3.0 and 3.1, so it is time to see how they affect game play. And, if India and Australia are still vulnerable to being overrun. Also, whether the Allies can keep their Convoy system in operation.

The first turn is typical so I won't show screenshots unless I see something new. On my screenshots I will try to be consistent with color highlighting. Generally, green lines will be movements, red lines will be attacks, yellow I use for retreats. Secondary attacks will be orange. Blue for secondary movements (usually after a path is cleared it will show the follow up unit moves.

As expected on the first turn the Japanese run wild.

Batavia is taken on the first turn so version 3 changes didn't give the DEI capital much better defense than before. Some test I ran found that the odds were around 6:1 so there is a chance of failure but I only saw it happen once.

The strengthening of the units in the Philippines make it unlikely the Japanese can take it on turn 1. As expected, they landed on Aparria and Legaspi. Combined with blockade on the Manila and the other port, the Allies are cut off from supply.
The navy didn't fair well. Both the Houston and Skip Jack are sunk. Only the Pike gets to fight another day.

Pearl Harbor got off with just two battleships sunk, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, and on bottomed.

In the Solomons the usual. Landing at Rabaul kills the defender but doesn't have enough movement to capture the port. Landing on New Guinea results in Lae being taken and the Japanese moving down to Port Moresby.

Air attacks on Singapore send the Repulse to the bottom but the Pr. of Wales is going to escape.

The Japanese also make landings in Borneo to tkae the oil there.

China action is typical. The Japanese start their drive on Changsha. I dissolve the Flying Tigers to save the cost of keeping it functional.

The Japanese move isn't what I usually see. Rather than heading for the Salween river they move more into the Malaya area. I am not sure what their objective is so I move to block the rive crossing and shift other Indian units toward Burma but near the coast just in case this move is aimed at using landings to bypass defenses. Screenshot below.

S. Pacific
The Japanese move to blockade a number of single landing islands (only takes one ship to blockade). I am going to test using US subs to break these blockades so I send on to Canton Is.

There just aren't enough units to defend all the ports so I am only defending from Rock Hampton south. The main hope for Australia is that with only 1 VP hex it isn't worth the effort to take it.

Since the UK doesn't get a transport until 3/21 and the US not until 3/1, my builds are oriented toward things that can be quickly made available to the front line troops without transportation. So you will see a lot of AA, Trucks, Oilers, and such in the builds. The UK lack infantry to send to India so their builds will include those. The US will be building subs as well when they have free shipyards since there is no delay for getting them deployed.

To do this I limit the amount going to upgrades until I have a few of the must haves done. For the UK this will be brief since they need to rebuild their ship damage quickly too.

Upgrades are set to 100 for UK and 200 of US.
Canada is set to 0 so all its production can go to making Oilers and AA guns for the UK and India.
The minor countries and Allies like China are set to maximum to reinforcements.
India will briefly have to limit reinforcements because it needs PP to make their division active.

Here I am going to try to maximize the amount of production points I can get to India, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
In the case of Australia and New Zealand all supply will come from the US but it having only 43 Merchants, they make a split of 30 to Australia and 10 to New Zealand with one oil each.

The UK sends all it allocated production for export to India but this is only 16 on the first turn. That leaves most of the UK's 105 Merchants unused so I take advantage of the fact that there merchants will transport PP sent to the UK from the US. So the US allocates 50 PP plus 2 Oil to go to the UK.

Escorts are set to 12 in each route, India and S. Pacific. All others are shut down.

The Convoy war is a major worry. I have come up with lots of ways for the Japanese to kill Merchants using surface ships but no good counter until I have Naval Air to help. But I may not have any Merchants by then.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/7/2021 1:53:38 AM)

41 Dec 21 Turn

Japanese as usual doing anything they want too.
Port Moresby is attacked but not taken. Little to much of a stretch for the Japanese.
Undefended Islands/Ports taken: Manus, Kavieng, Tarawa, Sarawa (Borneo Oil), Nauni.
LVC makes air strikes against Philippine forces but does no harm.

China - Snow
In China snow limits them to just driving back on army.
Which give me time to straighten the lines and pull in the salient north of Hong Kong.

Not much happening. There only small forces committed here so they have to wait for starvation.
I pull back the Southern Philippine army to help protect Manila.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/7/2021 2:00:40 AM)

41 Dec 21 Turn Cont'd.


The Japanese shift back toward the northern heading and move adjacent to the Salween river but fail to cross. Somewhere in the setting up the convoys for UK I made an error. India didn't receive any production so I don't have enough to make the divisions active.

The enemy across the river is still weak so I leave the Indian division there blocking them for another turn. The question is where are all those units normally in Burma gone too? I shift my other units even though most are still in garrison mode to get positions to block the advance through Burma. Most are still kept on the coast since I still suspect an invasion to turn the line. To few divisions and to much coast.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/7/2021 2:13:13 AM)

41 Dec 21 Turn Cont'd.

Australia - Rain
Allies just waiting and hoping for time to build up strength.
UK sends the Hermes over to hopefully join up with the US fleet when it arrives.
US Pike moves to Melbourne and refit from damage it took at Manila.

S. Pacific

The New Zealand air unit attacks the sub, I-170, off Tonga sinking it. That will break the blockade there.
Two more subs move down, green arrows, to break the blockade on Noumea and Pago.

UK builds an Inf. Division. It will need more to help Inida so I reduce the upgrade to just 30 PP. I would like to build about one infantry per turn for at least a couple more turns.
US has shipyard limits this turn so builds are mostly support units. 2 Oilers, 1 AA, and 1 Supply Truck.
Reinforcements are reduced to 100 PP so I can make some infantry and Subs.

As I mentioned earlier somehow I must not have saved the UK convoy to India. So I have to get it right this time. I don't know how much longer I have before the Japanese start sending carriers to raid the convoy lanes.
UK will send 30 PP to India plus 2 oil.
US will continue sending 30 PP to Australia and 10 PP to New Zealand but will reduce those to UK to 40 to allow for the more MM needed for India.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/7/2021 8:05:34 PM)

42 Jan 4 Turn

The Yorktown and Saratoga arrive giving me about all the CV's I will have for some time.
This time my Intel is better. Kido is in Rabaul.
The Japanese start their Convoy killing with the first Raiders. Their Indian Ocean fleet camps on the convoy route with 1 CVL, 5 BB's, 2 CA's and 2 DD's. No hits this time but they will probably get more CVL's when Philippines fall.
Unopposed landings at Munda, Guadalcanal, Buin and Milne Bay.
Port Moresby is taken opening the door to invasion of Australia.
Wake Island garrison dies of starvation.

Singapore - Japanese make an early attempt to take it that fails. It will fall next turn though.

China - Snow
The Japanese continue their slow grind toward Changsha by driving another two armies back a hex.

The US unit is overrun. Manila still held by at supply level 0. It will fall soon.
I move the air unit to Cebu just to make it a pain to kill later.


I need some bad weather over here. The Japanese drive back the division holding the Salween river and are now across the river. I pull back and reinforce a line to their NW which is hopefully far enough away to prevent any kills. Rangoon is still held so it will probably occupy the Japanese for a turn taking it. They have a paratrooper over here too. Not sure they intend to use it. There are still a lack of armies on this front. I suspect something bad is going to happen to my rear so still trying to garrison as much of the coast as I can.

This time my UK production convoy comes through so India at least has some reinforcements to distribute and activate some more divisions. Seems like the units take a hit in effectiveness as well as production points when they activate. I will have to test this. Units that split also seem to take a hit as well.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/7/2021 8:26:12 PM)

42 Jan 4 Turn Cont'd.

It looks like things are heating up in the Indian Ocean so all UK ships, CVL and Ca, are returning there.


Wake Is. will be soon taken. Japanese have blockaded Canton Is and Midway. I will send some DD's to break the blockade.
My carriers all concentrate at Pearl Harbor.

S. Pacific - Hvy Rains

My subs broke the blockade on Noumea and Pago Pago.
Japanese send more ships to blockade Fiji so I move my NZ Air to Tonga which is more centrally located for attacking when the weather clears and also send a sub, Pike, to break the blockade.

I am going to try something different in defending Noumea. Since they can't land directly into the port I am going to move the garrison one hex to the northwest and see if that messes up their invasion plans any. Poor defense but will hopefully be sufficient to stand up to beach attack.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/7/2021 8:35:38 PM)

42 Jan 4 Turn Cont'd.


UK has 114 production now with help from US but has only stockpiled 66. I need to have them build some infantry so when they get transports in March they have something to transport. So I reduce the Reinf/upgrade to 50. I do build an AA. I am hoping all these AA guns I will eventually get will help secure my ports and help protect my fleets from attack while in port. The Japanese have put a lot air into China but I am not sure any of these Allied builds will be available there.

US finally has some shipyards free so I start building a sub per turn. They are proving very useful in breaking blockades. Also build an AA unit.

Australia's production is up to 48 as a result of US imports. All going to reinforcements though.

Canada uses its production to make the UK an AA.

India's production jumps up to 69 thanks to the convoy system working this time. All go to reinforcement.


Moving as much as I can with the number of Merchants available. UK has 105 and US has 43 with all in use.
UK trade to India max increases to 30 so more merchants are allocated for that resulting in the US exports to UK having to be cut to 40 plus 2 Oil to free up ships for the India route.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 12:14:03 AM)

42 Jan 18 Turn

Singapore falls and Japanese get the IN Army.
Philippines surrenders as Manila is overrun.
Wake Is. is taken and undefended port/Is. of Namuga is taken.

Bad turn for the Allies.
Japanese marines land on New Caledonia (Noumea).
India East coast is invaded with landings around Madras.

The only good news for this turn is Rangoon held out for one more turn.

Worst of all Kido Butai with 6 CV, 1 BB, 2 BC, 2 CA and 4 DD raid the S. Pacific convoy route killing 17 Merchants.

The lack of any reasonable Allied response to CV fleet raids on the Convoy lanes and how extremely effective they are, is going to be a problem for the game. Besides somewhat gamey (Can you imaging Kido actually sailing around the Pacific hunting cargo ships?), it is something that needs to be changed. There are a lot of small causes so it is hard to tell what the best cure is. Here are some ideas:

1. Make CV's and BB's use more oil. They wouldn't be chasing cargo ships if it used up oil reserves.
2. Put some Merchants into the UK and US build queues to compensate for the long build time if they have to start from 0.
3. Change how effective surface ships are at raiding convoys. The rules date from Europe where the only surface raiders were small groups of German ships. Subs were relied on to do the heavy lifting in the Battle of the Atlantic. In Pacific, at lest for the first years, subs are as useless as tits on a bull in convoy raiding while surface ships are killers.
4. Maybe some equivalent to all ships scatter when anyone detects Kido parading around. They have radios and lots of island ports to run too. The rule might be the CV's kill less but stop a much higher percentage of the production points moving on that convoy route.

Right now the only thing stopping sinking all the Allied merchants is giving them better targets to distract them.

China - Snow
At least the weather is on my side in China. But they still push me back in two spots.
However, the line is pretty solid. It is going to take them a while to get that VP hex at Changsha.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 12:22:29 AM)

42 Jan 18 Turn Cont'd.


I suspected the Japanese plan was to make a major landing behind my Burma line. I just didn't know whether it would be closer to the Burma line to try to cut them off or the safer invasion to take the port of Madras which they did. But it takes a couple of turns to secure the port because of the terrain costs around it. Plus there is no way to defend that cost without stripping Burma of at least two units.

I don't have much to block them with but I should have another turn to try. For now a HQ and one division move over so they don't have a free move north. The air unit at Madras moves to Ceylon. My Burma line pulls back, hopefully enough to prevent serious damage.

Now we know where all the armies went but not all are accounted for with the two that just landed. Obviously this release fixed the Army's costing twice normal landing ships.[:)]


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 12:38:12 AM)

42 Jan 18 Turn Cont'd.


US CV fleet moves to Midway and makes an Carrier Air attack on the subs blockading it. I-10 takes 2 hits. I hope this will create some distraction to draw Kido away from my Convoy lane but it is a rather lame one. Maybe they will move northward in hopes I will repeat the attack on one of the islands blockaded further south.

S. Pacific

Things are heating up down here. On the screenshot below Kido Butai is located where the purple circle is. Noumea, Suva and Pago Pago have Japanese blockading forces by them but I have broken the blockades by stationing subs of the coasts. The Japanese Marines landed on New Caledonia but my garrison held up to the attack leaving them on the beach. I move the garrison back into Noumea to get the better defense value. I have broken the blockade but their ships are still cutting off supply so no reinforcements are getting through.

There is rain in the area but I still test how effective air is against these blockaders. The NZ Air makes a strike against the sub off Pago Pago getting two hits on I-10. Not bad for rainy day.


UK got enough points to start an infantry division then change all production to repair.
US starts a sub, Inf. Div., AA and Oiler. Also, increase reinf./upgrade to 200 to get some battleships back in action.


The S. Pacific convoy route is shut down. I can handle another Merchant kill like this one.
The UK maximizes what it can send to India which is only 27 PP.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 4:10:46 PM)

42 Feb 1 Turn

Japanese capture both Madras and Rangoon giving them supply for their southern front in India.


UK shifts most of its production to Reinforcement/Upgrade in order to get the Pr. of Wales to full strength.
Canada tries to help UK out by building an AA that can be deployed to India but some time in the future.
US build a sub and an infantry.
US now has 6 Inf. Div., 4 Subs, 4 AA, 2 Trucks, 5 Oilers and 3 Landing Ships in the queue.
This will probably be enough for now so I switch to putting 250 PP into Reinforcement. It still should let me continue building subs. They are proving very useful in the undoing the Japanese Island blockades.


Have to restart them and hope the Japanese fleets are to busy with other things to make another strike against them. US needs to get supplies to UK (indirectly India) as fast as they can.

UK has 92 MM with 17 in use to India. But when S. Pacific restarts it will use up more of their ships.
UK max to India also fell to 11.
US with 37 MM sends 28 PP plus 2 Oil to Australia, 5 PP and 2 oil to New Zealand. Using UK Merchants they send 58 PP and 5 Oil to the UK.


Things are bad. The Indian forces just don't have enough units in them to form a line on two fronts. And, its just February. A long time before the UK can get troops into the country.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 4:41:41 PM)

42 Feb 1 Turn Cont'd.

China - Snow

Weather has been on my side here. Japanese are slowly closing in on Changsha but very slowly.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 4:53:00 PM)

42 Feb 1 Turn Cont'd.


So far it doesn't look like they are going to make a try for Australia. But just in case all these unaccounted for armies show up her I shift my divisions to protect Sydney and Canberra from a more direct attack by sea. For now I intend to hold a line only from Melbourne to New Castle.

But my bet is India is their main objective for their armies.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 5:01:46 PM)

42 Feb 1 Turn Cont'd.


I lost track of Kido Butai. Hopefully that means my actions in the Central Pacific drew them northward. At least they aren't on my Convoy route. I pull my carrier fleet back to Pearl.

S. Pacific

The Japanese sub is still hanging around Pago Pago but this time my NZ air at Tonga is in range of both Pago and Fiji so I can do some damage. An air strike against I-16 sends it to the bottom. The Grayling that was breaking the blockade returns to Sydney for some R&R.

I still have the blockades broken by my subs at Fiji and Noumea but in the case of Noumea they are preventing supplies which prevents reinforcements too.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 7:34:43 PM)

42 Feb 15 Turn

US receives 2 Oilers and a strategic bomber.
Japanese CVL fleet moves back to attack Indian Convoys. This time they get 2 Merchants. There fleet consists of 3 CVL, 4 BB, 1 CA and 4 DD.
Unopposed landings are made on Ndeni and Espirito Santo.
Looks like Kido Butai is at Rabaul.


UK reduces amount to Reinforcements to 30 so they can build an infantry next turn.
US builds another sub.
Com. China has a little stockpile so they build an AA.


As noted the Japanese Indian fleet is back at it but at least they aren't as effective as Kido.
This time no problems with convoy assignments disappearing.
UK sending 32 PP to India plus one oil for their air unit.
US sending 28 to Australia and 6 PP to New Zealand plus one oil each.
US using UK Merchants also sends 30 to UK along with 8 Oil.

China - Snow
But the Japanese still push back the line below Changsha a little.


Things are bad and getting worse. In the south they expand their bridge head. In the north the Japanese troops close up on a very weak line.
Worse, it looks like they are getting ready for more invasions. There are 2 Battleships plus transports in Madras harbor. Probably will see an invasion of Ceylon next turn. That will get them another VP hex and open up another port to supply the Southern line. But Madras is a level 4 port so it can support a rather large infantry force by itself.

I move the UK fleet consisting of 1 CVL, 3 BB, 3 CA and 2 DD to the SW of Diego Carcia. Hoping for an opportunity to strike something at reasonable odds.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 7:42:53 PM)

42 Feb 15 Turn Cont'd.


Moved the US fleet to sea to create some threat but staying well out of range of Kido Butai.
A single DD is sent to break the blockade of Canton Is.

S. Pacific

Air strike by NZ Air on coastal boats blockading Fiji with no results. Sub there to break blockade.
Noumea still holding out but not receiving reinforcements because of supply interdiction.
New Zealand garrisons finally full strength so I can start redirection PP to their air unit.


Land units almost full strength so will try to get their Airforce up to strength too.
Made minor adjustments to their lines which will be their final defensive positions until the US divisions show up.


Nico165b165 -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 8:26:23 PM)

Is there anything like a range limit for invasion ? I'm a bit surprised to see Japanese landing in Madras. Where are they coming from ? I have not played WP enough to understand. WE did not have the same distances to cover.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 9:08:44 PM)


ORIGINAL: Nico165b165

Is there anything like a range limit for invasion ? I'm a bit surprised to see Japanese landing in Madras. Where are they coming from ? I have not played WP enough to understand. WE did not have the same distances to cover.

A transport fleet needs one action point for the disembarkation. So the fleet can move using one action point up to 24 hexes and still be able to disembark. I don't remember if they came from a port or just were already at sea. But I think there are a couple of Japanese controlled ports close enough, including Rangoon.

kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 9:20:38 PM)

42 Mar 1 Turn

US and UK finally get a transport. US also gets 2 oilers it built.
There are no Convoy attacks by the Japanese this turn because they are busy stomping on me elsewhere.

Us and UK use their transports to move a division each but it will be a while before they show up.

UK builds another Inf. Div.
US builds another sub plus 1 Oiler and 1 AA.
India is putting everything into reinforcements.

China - Rain
The Japanese are moving their armies next to Changsha. If they get clear weather they will take it.


Is a disaster. In the north they take Ledo cutting off China supplies.
In the south they bring in more troops plus a landing to cut of one of the Indian division.
I am able to activate the Bombay division so it can move next turn but the south front is nothing but a holey line.
India does get one of its two prebuilt reinforcements which are immediately thrown into the line (blue circled unit).
The UK fleet move to Bombay along with the air unit.

And, as I expected, Japanese landing are made in Ceylon. The garrison in Colombo holds out but it won't last long.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/8/2021 9:30:33 PM)

42 Mar 1 Turn Cont'd.


The destroyer group off Canton Island attack and drive off the Japanese Sub, I-174, stationed there. Getting two hits in.

S. Pacific

Kido Butai along with land based air attack my sub that was breaking the blockade. I withdraw the damaged Swordfish and replace them with two fresh subs.

I need to take the pressure off Noumea so I create a diversion. First the NZ Air strikes the coastal units blockading Fiji and the US Carrier fleet moves nearby to complete the task sinking all three of the coastal ships.

My carrier fleet is no match for Kido but I am hoping the NZ Air can provide some support. The Japanese fleet will have to use one action point to move to attack. Hopefully I will win the interdiction and the rain will hide me from the retaliation strike.

Lot of s*** is going to happen next turn.[:)]


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 4:23:26 PM)

42 Mar 15 Turn

Reinforcements: US gets 2 Inf. Div. and 1 AA (goes to Bombay). UK receives a BB and an AA (goes to Sydney)

Production: UK shifts more PP to Reinforcements (70) in anticipation of some major damage to their ships.
US builds another Sub and maximizes its Reinforcements (300 PP) also in anticipation of need for repairs.


Since Kido is going to be busy for a while I maximize it. Particularly more Oil to UK so they can keep their fleets active.
UK send 24 PP to India, has 25 in Imports and 49 to cover exports from US.
US send 6 PP to New Zealand and 20 to Australia. 32 PP and 8 Oil to UK.

China - Snow
Lines are stable. I think only three Japanese armies are left in China so they can't do much damage. Everything I guess is going to India.

Australia - Rain
Also, probably safe from attack now.

S. Pacific

The Japanese take the bait. Kido Butai attacks my Carrier fleet (need a cute name for US fleet). Of course whether this was "bait" or "stupid" depends on the out come. In this case the US comes out the winner so its "bait". The Carrier Interdiction, shown below, was as successful as the US could hope for. The Akagi is sunk and one hit on the Hiryu. The Carrier strike can't find me so I survive with jsut 2 hits to the Saratoga.

Elsewhere the Japanese have moved air unit into the islands north of Noumea and make Naval Air strikes against my subs breaking the blockade. They also move more surface ships into the area. Both the Pike and Grayling take 2 hits each but luckily neither are sunk.

My Carrier fleet withdraws to Sydney (not going to press my luck with only three full strength Carriers). The Pike and Grayling also withdraw. I am considering moving it next to India to turn the tide there but the Saratoga will need repairs.

A transport with the 38th Div moves SE of Tonga. Soon my first US unit will reach Australia.

I tend to forget about my US bombers especially the one Strategic Bomber. It has tremendous reach. So I change it to Naval Air and move it to Canton Is. I should be able to Island hop it down to Fiji where it can do some good.

The Japanese sub that was trying to blockade Canton is driven off by the US Destroy there. It attacks getting two hits on RO-67.

There are to many ships and air units around Noumea to keep my blockade busters there. So I use a supply truck to boost its supply level up for a bit of isolation.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 4:37:19 PM)

42 Mar 15 Turn Cont'd.


Snow in the south. India along with Burma has some very odd weather patterns. They are both in the Monsoon zone which means over 98% chance of clear through March. This bothers me mostly because I remember in earlier version having rain in Burma area. Maybe just bad memory. But it makes these grand offensives by the Japanese during winter possible.

The other oddity is there is a small "temperate" zone in the middle of Southern India (and also most of northern China. This really looks like an error. It seems to snow a lot in this "temperate" zone. But the last printing I have of the Weather file doesn't define a "Temperate" zone at all. It may be mislabeled (or misleadingly labeled) and is "Artic". Need to check if a new file is out for it.

Anyway things are getting worse in India. A UK division has arrived at Bombay but the Indian lines are facing the Japanese advances from the south and Burma are very weak. It will be two more turns before another UK unit can arrive.

To try to slow them down I send the UK fleet to blockade Madras. This should put the Southern forces out of supply but it exposes the fleet to an attack by the Japanese Indian Ocean fleet.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 5:04:32 PM)

42 Mar 29 Turn

Transport capacity is up to 20 for UK and 30 for US.
The Hornet arrives and heads for Australia.
Kido Butai returns to Rabaul as expected.
Noumea is blockaded as expected.
The Pr. of Wales is sunk. I was hoping for damage and maybe a minor ship sunk. Hermes air crews apparently went into hiding.

UK makes another division plus 1 LS, 1 Supply Truck with Canada adding in another Landing Ship. In case I have to take India back the hard way.
US builds only an Oiler and an AA. The rest of its production put into repairs.

Maximizing PP to India for both US and UK plus Oil to UK to keep its fleets active.
UK: 24 Imports, 26 to India, 39 for US exports to UK.
US: 6 to New Zealand, 7 Oil to UK, 30 to India (Australia is now on its own), 30 PP to UK.

The first US division to arrive goes to Rock Hampton. One of the Austi divisions is sent further north to garrison townsville.

S. Pacific
The strategic bomber moves to Pago Pago. The NZ air there moves to Fiji.

The supply cut off in the south worked stopping the Japanese offensive there for a turn but in the North the Japanese Burma forces blew the Indian line apart. What is left of it makes a run for it leaving Calcutta open for occupation next turn and a key supply source for their northern armies.

The UK fleet returns to Bombay.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 8:16:37 PM)

42 Apr 12 Turn

Japanese use air resupply for their unit in New Caledonia.
They move their Indian Ocean CVL fleet in range of Bombay and launch air attacks.
I received 3 AA's this turn so I put them in Bombay to make that costly.

Kido Butai appears to have moved to Manila and probably reinforced by the arriving Junyo CV.
Throws a monkey wrench into my plan to move my main fleet to the Indian Ocean.

US Rework their Encryption codes. Hopefully, this will help make my carrier movements less visible. But have know idea how this part of the game works.

Production is limited. US builds a Landing Ship.
Convoys are unchanged.


Clear whether leads to four attacks along the Chinese lines.
Changsha also falls to combined attacks of infantry armies and air.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 8:23:19 PM)

42 Apr 12 Turn Cont'd.


I got a reprieve in the south with no attacks other than by the CVL group. UK troops become available and move into the line which is also pulled two hexes back to limit the next round of attacks.

But the north is still a disaster. One division is trapped and just moves to create a road bump for the Japanese. The others along with a HQ unit try to make a semi line covering the Southern lines left flank and Delhi.

Ceylon is in danger of falling with Jaffna blockaded.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 8:31:37 PM)

42 Apr 12 Turn Cont'd.

S. Pacific

My Bomber group moves to Fiji and makes an air strike against the Japanese subs blockading Noumea. The Bomber takes a hit but does very well against the subs. RO-67 takes one hit and I-174 also takes a hit.

Since I can't go to India with the Kido Butai at Manila, I think I will try to fix the problem of Noumea.
The US Carrier fleet leaves Sydney and takes station off Noumea. A carrier air strike is launched against the Subs getting two hits on I-10. But so far none sunk.

So I bring over a 3 Destroyer group and make one more attack on the subs. This time they deliver with I-10 and I-174 sunk. RO-67 retreats from the battle. It is now the lone remaining Japanese sub.

Now to kill that Japanese Marine unit. I land a US division on the other side of the Island and make the Noumea garrison active. This should give me the fire power to kill it next turn.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/9/2021 11:50:42 PM)

42 Apr 26 Turn

UK receives its 3rd Transport and the US its 4th.
US receives a Sub and an AA as reinforcements. The AA goes to Bombay.

UK starts an Inf. Div
US starts another Sub.

Convoys aren't changed.
I think the Japanese feel its beneath their dignity to chase after Merchants. Hope it stays that way.


The weather is Clear and but not much happens.
I start moving my southern forces toward Haiphong to see if I can put some pressure on the Japanese.

S. Pacific

My Bomber Group XXI makes an air base atack against the Japanese 16th Air group.
First round goes well getting 2 hits in at the cost of 1 loss.
Should have stopped there. Second round the bombers take 2 hits and do no damage.

I move the NZ Air unit to Noumea in preparation for taking out that marine. Two destroyers are move in to resupply the units and support them as needed.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/10/2021 12:02:17 AM)

42 Apr 26 Turn Cont'd.


There are minor attacks but my line holds in the South. In the North they are still trying to catch up with my fast running infantry.

A UK HQ unit arrives at Bombay freeing up the UK infantry there to move forward to take position in the new line I am forming one hex back from the old one. I am running out of retreat room. Things are particular bad on my left flank since there aren't enough division to form a continuous line to Delhi.

But for India to stay in the war they must hold Bombay. Even if I have to give up Delhi. I now have six AA guns in Bombay so hopefully that will counter the Japanese light carriers. I try an air attack on the fleet but it is ineffective.

Meanwhile the garrison in Jaffha is running out of supplies. I will have to do something soon or lose it.

The Indian army does receive on fresh division (not shown but is placed where the green "X" is).

The Japanese Carrier fleet in the Pacific moves back to Rabaul (from Manila).
This frees me to move the US fleet into the Indian ocean. The US Main Carrier fleet leads the way moving toward the Indian Ocean south of Australia. The UK CVL joins the fleet. The Hornet group follows but is about a dozen or so hexes behind. I fear the move is to late.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/10/2021 7:05:36 PM)

42 May 10 Turn

Reinforcements: UK: 1 Inf. Div. US: 1 Sub, 1 Inf. Div., AA (goes to Sydney)

Kido Butai still at Rabaul. Maybe my move toward India went undetected.

The problem with non-VP islands. Japan took Wake Island but is now stuck with garrisoning it. And, to keep me from starving it out with a blockade, has one of their air units baby sitting it.


The Japanese army closes up on my new line but at least for this round doesn't attack. Still got holes in it with only HQ's to plug them.

Jaffna (on Ceylon) is a problem. It will fall without relief but I have little to do it with. The US fleet is still a turn away. So I risk the UK fleet and move it to break the blockade (circled in green). It is in Raider mode but the Japanese have a lot of both land and CVL based air. This will cost me.

To make things worse the US is running out of oil trying to keep this fleet afloat. I have to shut down all Oil exports and even try to bring some back from the UK.


kennonlightfoot -> RE: Lightfoot (Allies) vs stjeand (Axis) 3.1 (no stjeand) (8/10/2021 7:09:44 PM)

42 May 10 Turn Cont'd.


Japan don't have much strength to use on this front but they keep picking away at the line pushing it back a hex here or there.

US starts another sub, Landing Ship, Oiler and Supply Truck.
UK starts another infantry.
India is able to start an infantry division.

S. Pacific

US troops on Caledonia take out the lone Japanese Marine.


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