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shavius -> Suggestion about formation size (8/6/2021 9:08:39 AM)

There are currently three sizes of unit formation, BRIGADE/BAT, CORPS/REG, ARMY/DIV, I think it would be more appropriate to swap the position of brigade and division here.

zgrssd -> RE: Suggestion about formation size (8/6/2021 9:15:22 AM)

In the NATO symbology Brigade and Division are directly adjacent, with division being the bigger one:

While the order is quesitonable, swapping them would make no sense.

shavius -> RE: Suggestion about formation size (8/6/2021 10:18:59 AM)

I know, exactly because division is a bigger unit, It would be appropriate to make it an HQ of several battalions, instead of being a subject to another HQ.
According the order inside the Wikipedia link you've just shared, if three sizes of formation are swapped to division/battalion, corps/regiment, and army/brigade, each headquarter would be just three levels above its subordinates, which is very tidy and orderly. Otherwise it would be relatively confusing

postfux -> RE: Suggestion about formation size (8/25/2021 9:08:53 AM)

Unit designation as well as ship classification will always remain a mystery to us enenlightenend. Also each time/ nation has its own classification. ShEm has seems to simulate WWII style armies.

In a WWII setting a division was the formation where different kind of troops (infantry, tanks) were organized, giving it a high degree of independence. Its manouver elements were mostly three regiments and it had adittional support units attached, providing logistics, communications, arty, engineers, AA, AT ...

A tank division might have 1 tank and 2 armored regiments and an airborne division three airborne regiments. A regiment would consist of several battalions of typically the same kind.

For larger scale operations divisions were organized in Corps, Armies, Army Groups and Theater Commands.

A modern brigade functions as a division with the size of a regiment. It typically has battalions as manouver elements, not regiments.

Would be nice if we could really organize our ShEm armies along these lines.

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