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HarrySmith -> SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/6/2021 2:16:51 AM)

Hi guys,
There is a major flaw in the game with research for Strategic bombers. As you can multiple research Strat Bombs, I am playing an opponet who in Nov 1943 Has level 5 Strategic Bombers which are Jets. Considering the first jet strategic bomber flew in 1947 seems too unrealistic. The problem is me playing axis, Germany only has level 3 Fighters even though research has been done on them straight away after any upgrade and I have level 3 spying. Strategic bombers should be like fighters/tanks/ground attack etc where it is only possible to research at 1 level at a time. With level 5 strat bombers he also has level 5 long range so he is bombing all towns/cities behind my front lines reducing my supply to very low where my units are ineffective. Please rectify asap. Regards, Harry

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/6/2021 2:37:48 AM)

I'm guessing this must be US strategic bombers? I wonder how common this is in MP matches this early.

pjg100 -> RE: SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/6/2021 5:29:35 AM)

You can double chit anti air. A useful tech to have as the axis.

ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/6/2021 7:46:25 AM)

Where all the planes come from? ---Operation Gomorrah 1943
Unreal, that was easy. --- Gulf War 1991

EarlyDoors -> RE: SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/6/2021 4:49:39 PM)


ORIGINAL: pjg100

You can double chit anti air. A useful tech to have as the axis.

Also axis fighters will be the equal or better than US fighters in 43
Under an HQ they can cause losses for US

HarrySmith -> RE: SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/9/2021 7:16:14 AM)

Yes anti air was on level 4, but to air defense every town and city cost alot. You miss the point how can ther be level 5 bombers when the best that Germany has is level 3 with researching asap

HarrySmith -> RE: SCWAW Strategic Bombers (8/9/2021 7:31:01 AM)

do you guys actually read the post. Yes i understand how to research and double up to speed up. This is my whole point, you should not be able to do it with strategic bombers(level 5) as it creates an inbalance when fighters are only level 3. yes i have level 4 anti air and researching 5 at double rate.

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