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hrfepo1 -> Operation Bass Drum 2017 (8/5/2021 6:29:06 PM)

I just started to play Operation Bass Drum 2017 and the first Objective is

1. Zumwalt SAG is to transit the Straits of Hormuz and arrive in the area designated OBJ within 24 hours.

The problem is that that when I open the scenario the only reference point is "Point Whiskey". Does anyone know where is the area designated OBJ?

stww2 -> RE: Operation Bass Drum 2017 (8/5/2021 9:04:49 PM)

If Point Whiskey is the point on the other side of the Sraits, then I think that is the objective (been a while since I've played it). As a practical matter, other than ASW and demining operations the battle will probably be mostly over by the time you get anywhere near the point.

hrfepo1 -> RE: Operation Bass Drum 2017 (8/5/2021 9:11:04 PM)

Thanks! I look forward to the game. I will assume point Whiskey is the OBJ area.

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