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Keep in mind that mud in good road country is not the same as mud in Russia. However, exactly when a big thaw happens in the spring is a big deal. I don't know how you get around that unless you add in a fixed weather option, which I discussed elsewhere. It's doable, but a huge job to come up with the "fixed weather" data (locations and sizes of all weather fronts for every turn).

As for victory checks, well you can add auto win checks more frequently, but that just gives the Soviets more chances to win early. The system isn't set up for different levels of victory through the auto checks.

For me the weather is OK, just one of the luck factors of the game.

On the victory checks. Really I don't think the campaign victory conditions work well for this Campaign varient. There is only one VP check and it is I think meaningless because you would have to take Berlin to trigger it which ends the game anyway.
Would it be possible to have something like (all dependent on Berlin):
T12 end - Soviet Major victory
T15 end - Soviet Minor victory
T18 end - Draw
Berlin holds out - Soviet loss

Maybe that is not worth the effort that it would take to amend the game, but it could go into the Campaign description which would be just as good.

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