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petedalby -> Visibility of MPPs (7/29/2021 9:56:33 AM)

Hi guys - any chance you could review the scale for MPPs please?

In my current game most of the Nations have a similar scale and I can get a good idea of how many MPPs they are receiving. But the USSR scale goes from 0 to 280 & then to 560 and it's very hard to gauge what level they are receiving. Somewhere between 280 & 560.

I'm not clever enough to embed the picture but the Challenge ID is 324466 if you want to take a look.

Thanks very much.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Visibility of MPPs (7/29/2021 4:19:39 PM)

Hi Petedalby,

Thanks for the report and I see the issue in your particular game is relative to the MPPS for lost USSR units which on a single turn was up to 2800 MPPs. Fitting that with the other numbers skews the scale a bit for that particular GRAPHS reports screen.

I'll have a think on what could possibly be done here and add it to the list.


EarlyDoors -> RE: Visibility of MPPs (7/29/2021 7:49:51 PM)

is there space alongside for a 3 column table with the values sorted descending ?

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