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klschult -> Odd airborne routing (7/25/2021 10:19:02 PM)

I am trying to fly a German Airborne unit with +3 Long Range Aircraft from 215,59 to 224, 55. For some reason it is not allowed to directly cross hexside 221,56 to 222,56. Getting to hex 221,56 is 6 points. To hex 222,56 is 8. The unit routes one row south through the Rybinsk Reservoir and back up. Very strange.

The Land -> RE: Odd airborne routing (7/26/2021 8:21:25 AM)

Is there a hex that's been set as neutral ownership somehow?

klschult -> RE: Odd airborne routing (7/26/2021 1:13:24 PM)

All hexes are showing allied control and there hasn't been an Axis unit withing 4 hexes during the game.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Odd airborne routing (7/26/2021 9:28:13 PM)

Thanks for the report, I see the issue and will have this fixed for the next update.

klschult -> RE: Odd airborne routing (7/26/2021 9:45:38 PM)

Glad you found it. It was very strange. Not a problem, but an enigma.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Odd airborne routing (7/27/2021 3:26:20 PM)

Indeed it was a very rare set of circumstances where it was two hexes in a row that were coastal causing the issue, e.g. adjacent to each other but not connected via a logical coastal path. That same re-routing issue would have occurred for an air unit as well, such as trying to fly a fighter along the same path across those hexes.

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