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TheTrooper -> Militia power expansion (7/25/2021 6:11:33 PM)

Hello fellow players, i've come up with an idea of mine recently. I am a Middle east student and i am currently doing a research on militias in the region. It crossed my mind that Shadow empire is so far the only game i know that has a quasi realistic system for militias. I thought, why should it not be more advanced? I mean, would a good idea if militias were allowed to have some sort of political affiliation in our current political system? This way it would be cool if by angering some factions we would also provoke their military arm and therefore augment the challenge and depth of the game. Think like to these pesky warmongerers in your cabinet that ask you to declare war on every sentient being, wouldn't be cool if by making them unhappy by not declaring war on the whole world, they would turn their militias on you? That would be cool! Of course this would intendo that cities have political allegianciences, parties may have militants and so on. Also militias would still be controllable by you until they do not get mad at you,for example when creating a standing army. Food for thought, though recently studying the Popular mobilization forces in Iraq has given me this idea.

zgrssd -> RE: Militia power expansion (7/26/2021 7:52:09 AM)

This might already be in the game.

One leader is marked as "Militia leader".
Some leaders have militia as profile.
If troops have low morale (to the government), they are likely to side with their leaders if they rebel.

Your ideas does sound a bit like having "party militias" or "private militias"?

Personally I liked Imperator: Romes approach to Loyal troops/tribal retinues and power base a lot:

The troops becoming loyal to the commander over the state was a constant issue in Romes late Republic to 3rd century crisis. And the game models that well.

TheTrooper -> RE: Militia power expansion (7/26/2021 3:11:34 PM)

Actually, party militias was what i had in mind. We already experience turmoil and therefore militias forming up. Adding a political character to the militias would mean that while you can use them, as your relationship with faction decreases so it increases the possibility for militias belonging to that party to rebel. This means you have loyalist militias as well. It could be interesting. You have a battalion of friendly militia fighting in the frontline big lizards and the next day fighting you.

BlueTemplar -> RE: Militia power expansion (7/26/2021 6:25:17 PM)

Hmm, do we sometimes get a new Militia Leader for the zones that don't have one ?

(Though I guess that the current one is actually Regime-wide ? Still, can we get a replacement ?)

TheTrooper -> RE: Militia power expansion (7/27/2021 11:44:41 AM)

Sorry Templar i did not get your post. Btw, given also ethnic compositions of cities it could also be a thing to have ethnic militias.

BlueTemplar -> RE: Militia power expansion (7/27/2021 4:05:02 PM)

I don't remember if the Militia Leader is per-Zone (but Capital-only, AFAIK) or per-Regime.


Btw, given also ethnic compositions of cities it could also be a thing to have ethnic militias.

Already in the game.

zgrssd -> RE: Militia power expansion (7/27/2021 4:54:29 PM)

"Militia Leader" is a Leader Feat that is thus far unique and applied to one of the starting leaders.
As the militia is being phased out with the real military buildup, he is treated more like a character with relevant legacy.

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