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thedoctorking -> Scaling feature question (7/25/2021 3:02:21 PM)

The scaling feature in the new version has made the text on the screen and the boxes on the toolbars very very small, much smaller than in the last version. Even at the recommended 200% it is tough on my old eyes to see important details. Any chance we can have a 300 or 400% option? Or am I doing something wrong?

loki100 -> RE: Scaling feature question (7/25/2021 3:14:56 PM)

from the patch changelog:


ORIGINAL: HybridSpyda

Hi Everyone!

We have a new installer version for the Public Beta, which you can find on the Store page or 'My Page' if you're logged in and have the game registered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All save game and scenario files created with this or later versions may only be loaded with this or a later version. Versions prior to 1.01.02 may not load these newer save game or scenario files. Old saves and scenarios may be loaded with this and newer versions.

v01.01.02 – Changelog

    New Features and Rule Changes
      • Added “Display Scaling Percentage” preference item. This allows players some control over scaling their display in-game. Note that when this version is first used, the system will automatically reset all preferences to default and attempt to set a scaling percentage that is best given your windows display settings. Players can change the scaling percentage by hovering over the value in the preference screen and selecting from the dropdown list. The game will only allow the player to select scaling percentages that fit their current display. When you change the scaling percentage, it is necessary to exit the program and restart in order for the new setting to take effect. At this time, items that appear on the right and top bars are not scaled, but the map and all other windows are impacted by the scaling percentage preference.

      Happy Gaming!

thedoctorking -> RE: Scaling feature question (7/25/2021 4:42:12 PM)

Nonetheless, they are much smaller than they were in the previous version. Maybe I just have to revert

thedoctorking -> RE: Scaling feature question (7/25/2021 4:43:04 PM)

The turn summary is also much smaller.

loki100 -> RE: Scaling feature question (7/26/2021 9:53:49 AM)


ORIGINAL: thedoctorking

Nonetheless, they are much smaller than they were in the previous version. Maybe I just have to revert

they are not, see the patch notes, Erik's advice - and the posts by Joel about the planned development and issue

thedoctorking -> RE: Scaling feature question (7/26/2021 3:00:29 PM)

OK, guess I'm hoping for this issue to be resolved in an upcoming patch. Thanks for pointing me to Erik's post and subsequent thread, looks like this is being worked on. With my computer, changing the DPI settings didn't help. Zoomit is helpful, but kind of a pain in the ass to use. The OS magnifier is really useless. My (physical) magnifying glass is the best solution for me.

I'm sure it works just fine on my desktop at home. One of the prices paid for trying to play whilst on vacation!

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