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Schuki92 -> New ELO game (beginner) (7/25/2021 12:34:34 PM)

Hey! Just started playing multiplayer and I'm getting my ass beaten by the more experienced players here. Someone in the lower half of the ELO ranking or some novice interested in starting two new games? I thought it might be fun to play two games, one as Allies and one as Axies. Anybody interested? Can play one round a day for each of the two games.

Schuki92 -> RE: New ELO game (beginner) (7/25/2021 12:39:26 PM)

Just posted two games, one Allies, one Axies. Password is "fightfascism". I could already play a few rounds today, if somebody joins quickly!

arikogut -> RE: New ELO game (beginner) (7/25/2021 10:37:47 PM)

I am up for this. I have only played two games vs. other people and I got smashed!

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