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ElvisJJonesRambo -> Senior moment: What has happened to... (7/24/2021 9:12:05 PM)

Come on, man. You know the thing. Updated my version of SC-WaW. My brain isn't as sharp as days gone by.

1) The map has appeared to have changed. Looks like a real map, with dirt, hills, etc. That what everyone else has? I'm guessing there's some dudes who make scripts & changes. (Base game + 1.11 version)

2) 2D counters has changed. They look like 3rd Reich counters, which is fine. The ships have thrown me off a tad. Will get used to. Never been a 3D or new age counter guy.

3) Has all the crying about Poles, Swedes, Yanks, and Jap(anese) wording vanished? Was hoping that would be gone, like Disco & Line dancing.

4) Did the Poles get a new Garrison piece to start the game? That's fine. Anything else?

What else does Colonel Parker have in store?


ThunderLizard2 -> RE: Senior moment: What has happened to... (7/25/2021 12:10:29 AM)

It may have switched your defaults somehow with the updates. I'm still sticking with 2D counters as the 3D ones take to much work to decode.

ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: Senior moment: What has happened to... (7/25/2021 12:28:38 AM)

Agree, I'm rolling with the 2D, it's old school.
Been playing ASL cardboard games (Advanced Squad Leader) for months, so new look is fine.
I like the new map.

taffjones -> RE: Senior moment: What has happened to... (7/25/2021 8:37:19 PM)

Hey Elvis

Welcome back to the party [:)]

OldCrowBalthazor -> RE: Senior moment: What has happened to... (7/26/2021 3:22:23 AM)

Yep...NATO counters for me. The other ones look more suited for what.....AD&D?

see your back Elvis. cooool. [8D]

ElvisJJonesRambo -> RE: Senior moment: What has happened to... (7/26/2021 4:00:53 AM)

Thanks for the warm welcome, I tip my hat.

Here's what I've been doing.

1) Gone into complete chill mode in this world; under the radar.
2) Been playing ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) scenarios Face-2-Face with my old sparring partner.
3) Decided to reload SC-WAW, been doing some regional travel, so I need a road fix.
4) Been hitting the beach, waters have been warm. Trying to be ready for the next chapter, depending on current events. Looking at RV's.
5) Coaching some hoops; practicing my Wedge game, why spend money on greens fees when I get the same buzz hitting anywhere for free.
6) Got on a huge "Full Metal Jacket" kick, binge watching Animal Mother, Joker, Pyle, Hartman. Mix in some Bill Burr comedy.
7) After my Lab Retriever died, decided to slow my roll, got a Cat; friendliest one ever, held interviews.
8) Tons of YouTube, watching Euro made WW2 flicks, 1st Amendment Audits & any crazy street news.
9) Trying to pick some select spots on the Stock Market.
10) Listening to dozens of perspectives on the Book of Daniel. Need to go back, re-read.

And of course, UFC fights, that's a given and always Elvis,

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