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MWalker321 -> Opponent Wanted (7/24/2021 4:00:46 PM)

I purchased Warplan recently and have read up a bit on these forums, watched tutorials and played a bit vs AI and am about 30 turns into a PBEM game. I can play about a turn a day (maybe a bit more some days) and am looking for someone that can play at that pace. I will play the game out until we both feel satisfied with the game ending. I would prefer to play Allies in the 1939 scenario for this one. Feel free to propose any house rules that your experience may inform via PM. Also I am hoping to be able to ask a more experienced player a few questions on mechanics as we go. I am planning on staying with V 1.00.11 for the time being as well.

Looking forward to it!

boldairade -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/25/2021 1:58:52 PM)

I played this game a LONG time ago.

i would be willing to give it another go, though i'm a tad rusty.

MWalker321 -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/25/2021 3:16:11 PM)

Excellent. Start one and send me a PW via PM here when ready.

boldairade -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/25/2021 11:09:19 PM)

i just scanned the forum and it seems there is a game breaking bug that impacts air movement over water(and other areas, but i don't really understand it)

AS is promising a hotfix soon.

it would seem to be wise to wait?

MWalker321 -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/26/2021 4:16:33 AM)

I'm running v.11, but we can wait for a good v.12 if you already have it installed.

boldairade -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/26/2021 1:46:22 PM)

Iím on steam which is supposed to auto update but doesnít always.

Iíll check when I get home. If Iím 1.1 we go

boldairade -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/26/2021 2:42:12 PM)


it did auto update

stjeand -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/28/2021 8:32:57 PM)

The bug is not "crippling" early...but causes issues.

For example the UK can not redeploy air to France unless they use naval transport.

NOW if you do not want to do that then no issues there.

It is worse in the Italian theater since air in Africa can't fly to Italy.

But I suspect you could get started unless you see the issue as a showstopper.

boldairade -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/29/2021 5:29:13 PM)


Did u get my PM?

MWalker321 -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/30/2021 12:45:31 AM)

Yes just replied via PM

boldairade -> RE: Opponent Wanted (7/30/2021 11:09:40 AM)

yeah got it. agreed.

unplayable currently

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