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Tycho -> Mk48 torpedo vs tanker (7/24/2021 12:29:49 AM)

Disclaimer, I know little to nothing about modern weapons (lots about WW2 stuff...) so part of the fun is just digging through the DB.

One of the easy-rated scenarios from the Steam Workshop (688 Attack Sub 4, Mumar Cadaver 1989) has a US sub attacking a (poorly defended) tanker convoy. With the weapons at hand (there are a couple Tomahawks, not enough to make much difference) it looks like I need 13 torpedoes (3440 damage on the tanker vs 270/hit) to sink a tanker. Is that correct? In the scenario 4-5 hits will make one dead in the water but you only get VPs for sunk ships (and the VC imply you should get 3-4 of them). I'm confused...

thewood1 -> RE: Mk48 torpedo vs tanker (7/24/2021 12:49:16 AM)

This was discussed just a month ago. There are a number of accounts in the Gulf of large container ships and super tankers taking big hits and just steaming through it.

thewood1 -> RE: Mk48 torpedo vs tanker (7/24/2021 12:52:00 AM)

Tycho -> RE: Mk48 torpedo vs tanker (7/24/2021 2:48:52 AM)

Thank you for the link! That's really interesting. I knew tankers were big, just not *that* big.

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