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Hairog -> Where are Graphics (7/23/2021 8:26:06 PM)

Working on a Graphics mod and all of as sudden the mod is not showing up in game. So I went to docs/my games/warplan pacific and the Units and Terrain mods are all correct and up to date.

I though maybe there is another my games folder and did a search a dozen showed up!!
My theory is that as a beta tester, I had multiple installs and game changes and that's why they are there. I put the new mod one by one into various folders and still nothing changed.

How do you track down the folder that is controlling the game?

I'll keep that and trash the rest.

Hairog -> RE: Where are Graphics (7/30/2021 12:18:39 AM)

Hello there. Somebody must know.

Magpius -> RE: Where are Graphics (7/30/2021 12:29:32 AM)

How many parallel game folders are you running?
I've never had the issue, so can't offer a real solution. But were/ are all the folders all pathing back to the single 'my documents/my games" folder?
(would love to see what the mods look like!)

stjeand -> RE: Where are Graphics (7/30/2021 1:56:14 AM)

If you have new files you just put them in the campaign folder under My Documents/My Games/Warplan Pacific/Campaigns in the campaign folder you want them to be part of.

IF you are looking for the base ones...not sure to be honest.

Hairog -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/11/2021 6:11:17 AM)

Thanks for trying to help guys but maybe I need Alvaro to give me a clue.

Oh Alvaro.....

Hairog -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/16/2021 1:17:29 AM)

Found them in MS OneDrive

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/16/2021 9:41:45 PM)

Well that's odd. I don't know why some people keep having WP being installed on a One Drive.

I turned off One Drive. I just use google drive for things and manually upload to there.

Must be the floppy disk user in me.

Magpius -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/18/2021 11:17:39 AM)

3.5" or 5.25" The answer will age you!

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/18/2021 12:28:45 PM)

Both sizes. Atari 800 disk drives with that beeping noise as it loads.

Magpius -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/20/2021 12:28:12 PM)

I was talking to students the other day about the autoexec.bat file and more importantly, the need to alter the sequence of code in the himem.sys file to get games to play.
Lost count of how many format c:\ commands I had to do when things went awry.
They looked at me oddly and just said I was old.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/20/2021 1:50:28 PM)

LOL I remember all that.

Hairog -> RE: Where are Graphics (8/24/2021 6:12:41 AM)

I never save any files to the One Drive or have knowingly given permission for it to happen, yet it still keeps happening. How would I go about gaining control of the files on it and moving them out of it? I have learned from previous attempts to leave the devilish thing alone.

Hairog -> RE: Where are Graphics (9/9/2021 4:29:40 PM)

Al, could you post the bitmap (pdh,phd,lmnop) :) files for the new expanded unit selection and terrain, if there are any changes. I wondered where the added naval graphics went? You must have expanded the unit graphics layout.

Hairog -> RE: Where are Graphics (9/11/2021 1:58:27 AM)

Found them. [sm=scared0018.gif]
Sorry about that.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Where are Graphics (9/16/2021 8:01:09 PM)

Just saw this

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