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ncc1701e -> V1.00.12 - Small UI issue (7/22/2021 6:31:43 PM)

After prioritizing repair on one unit, I finally decide to cancel all repairs using the following button, highlighted in red, on the interface of an HQ.


ncc1701e -> RE: V1.00.12 - Small UI issue (7/22/2021 6:33:22 PM)

The problem is that the interface is inconsistent. On one hand, you are thinking that no repair can be done.
On the other hand, you can see that repair is allowed and prioritization is still on going.

Who is right at the end of the day?


AlvaroSousa -> RE: V1.00.12 - Small UI issue (7/23/2021 12:25:50 AM)

I;ll take a look

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