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Message -> How Do I Generate Industrial Points (7/20/2021 2:05:35 AM)

This may have been asked and answered previously, but I have not located such a thread.

I am on the first turn of my first game and have a about 95 Industrial points. The only way I see to generate more is to construct "Industry I", for which which I apparently don't have sufficient resources.

I can buy a "machine", and enough metal to get me up to 415 metal (out of 500 needed). I have no idea how to assign 1000 workers. If I go to the next turn I find that most of my IP's have been "sent to zones", as has all of my metal and 1 of my machines. Consequently I do not see any way to "save up" my resources so as to construct "Industry I", and so I do not see any way to replenish my IP's, so as to get on with the game.

I expect that I am missing something very basic, but (unlike some of Vic's other games) there is no tutorial, and I have not found anything very helpful in the manual.

If someone can tell me what I am doing wrong I would be very grateful.

Maerchen -> RE: How Do I Generate Industrial Points (7/20/2021 3:03:48 AM)

Service tax, industrial private and public assets all produce IP.

If you start the industry I asset, you will find the progress you made in construction in the bottom assets tab, double click & 2-sec-mouseover it for further examination and info. The workers are autoassigned once you start construction.

To get more private light industry, call your governor and change Zone Orders, process descibed in this guide: Chapter Part II The bottom Tabs. many good guides can be found on steam Guides subforum.

Your profiles affect IP production, too, government and commerce to be mentioned.

Maerchen -> RE: How Do I Generate Industrial Points (7/20/2021 3:07:43 AM) here is the relevant link of the matrixforums guides and hyperlinks.

DasTactic made a new tutorial video guide for SE, to be found here:

zgrssd -> RE: How Do I Generate Industrial Points (7/20/2021 8:57:12 AM)

Early game a big part is the "Service Tax". However that one barely increases over time.

The big source are buildings:
Industry Public asset - your primary source. But hella expensive to build.

Light Industry Private asset - this one is cheaper, but it can take a while for the Private Economy to cycle through to it. -> RE: How Do I Generate Industrial Points (7/21/2021 2:35:14 AM)

Thank you for the helpful advice and links.

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