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MarkShot -> @DEV: Any chance for tiny weeny little patch? (7/17/2021 2:14:37 PM)

I find the only think I am really missing from WITE-2 is the first scroll at the higher zoom out.

Now, I could not key code this, since this is the difference between 4 scroll zoomed in and 2 scroll zoomed out. But hot key coding would not be nearly as elegant as having the game detect this.


PS: I know this is an old title, but if people are still paying full price for it+DLC ... could it get a little love?

rocketman71 -> RE: @DEV: Any chance for tiny weeny little patch? (7/17/2021 2:18:29 PM)

I have only recently started to play this game in depth and have compiled a long list of things that would enhance the playing experience IMO. More food for thought for a patch/upgrade. It would be interesting to know if there is an uptick in interest in the title after the excellent tutorial series of Youtube videos by Strategy Gaming Dojo (ongoing).

MarkShot -> RE: @DEV: Any chance for tiny weeny little patch? (7/17/2021 2:28:42 PM)

There is much to commend this game.

(1) A more varied buffet of content.

(2) If you love the air war, this is it.

* The modeling is better in WITE-2 for ground combat logistics, but this makes up for that with the air and amphibious possibilities.


The scroll speed is not that hard for me to program. It can easily be picked up on the mouse wheel transition ...

If we assume (in) 1 2 3 4 (out) then, the 2<->3 transition needs to be detected (on the mouse wheel) and changed in preference via the preference screen. This is easy programming but it going to result in real noticeable lag at that transition of at least 1 second; maybe 2 seconds. It won't be pretty.

IslandInland -> RE: @DEV: Any chance for tiny weeny little patch? (7/20/2021 11:14:01 PM)

I bought WITW on release and I still prefer it to WITE which I also own.

WITE 2 has features WITW is now missing but I prefer the theatre of WITW more than I do WITE 2.

And yes, I would a love a patch for this gem of a game.


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