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hrfepo1 -> Marines as Cargo (7/17/2021 1:35:35 PM)

I am trying to build an MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). However, when I try to modify the cargo of the LHA there are no Marine units in the list. Does anyone know What am I missing?

stww2 -> RE: Marines as Cargo (7/17/2021 3:30:50 PM)

The infantry units in the cargo system are all fairly generic, so you'd probably just use standard infantry units. As far as the cargo system is concerned there isn't a distinction.

hrfepo1 -> RE: Marines as Cargo (7/17/2021 3:53:39 PM)

Thanks! I thought I was missing something.

Gunner98 -> RE: Marines as Cargo (7/19/2021 11:12:55 AM)

If you look in the documents section for the CSP there are load tables for the various Fury scenarios so you can see how I interpreted an MEU OOB into cargo. I think Indian Ocean Fury 4 Gate of Tears has an MEU and the Northern Fury 'Jar Heads on Ice' (cannot remember the number) has a bunch more USMC. One that is still in testing is 'Rock on the Beach' which has an RLT.

All the cargo bits are generic, but there are some specific bits in there. Pretty much all you need since the game is more about the flow and process of getting them to the beach/LZ and not fighting them.


hrfepo1 -> RE: Marines as Cargo (7/19/2021 12:29:52 PM)

Thank you! This information is great! I know that the concept is the movement of sea to shore, but I am trying to do a battalion level raid. With th ehelp of LUA, I think the basics to model such an operation is there.

Gunner98 -> RE: Marines as Cargo (7/20/2021 12:19:47 PM)

It is always good to remember that there are three different ways of setting this sort of action up:

1: Cargo: This method is great at replicating the loading/unloading process, stressing capacity issues and making players decide on priorities etc. As mentioned above the units are somewhat generic and the other issue is that you or the player don't really have control of what the landed units actually contain. They will debark from the carrier and separate by type; all mobile personnel in one unit, all mobile vehicle in another etc.

2. Teleport: (The old fashioned way) is still very useful and quite easy. Set your units on the other side of the world, on a different side if you don't want the player to accidently see them. You can configure them to your hearts content and get them just the way you want them. Then set up triggers when the carrier unit enters an area, the specific unit teleports in (lua to change sides if needed) and you are good to go. This method is very controllable but takes a lot of decisions away from the player. Great for setting up a sandbox but also requires some very specific triggers and events.

3. Lua: Similar to Teleport but the units don't exist until the trigger is set off. The more you play with lua the better you will be at configuring the units, naming is easy, adding weapons/ammo etc can be tricky.

Each method has its place and usefulness depending on what you are trying to achieve. In some of my scenarios I use all three. Amphibious operations are complex.

CMO is a powerful game but not designed to replace something like Combat Mission: Shock Force, which I recommend if you want to get down and dirty playing USMC. So you should focus on what CMO does well, and that is giving the player decisions to make at the Joint/MEU Comd and Amphib task force level: What is the loading priority, outflow speed, distance ship to shore, what goes by helo or boat etc..

Good luck and if you run into problems this is the place to ask.

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