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cfulbright -> 132 Mortars in a BR SSB Brigade? (7/15/2021 3:31:02 PM)

I just noticed that the 1st and 2nd BR Special Service Brigades and No. 3 and No. 4 BR Commando Brigades each have 132 2" mortars in their units and TOE's. This is over 3X as many as in a BR infantry brigade. Is this correct?



Gunnulf -> RE: 132 Mortars in a BR SSB Brigade? (10/6/2021 6:05:04 PM)

Thats almost certainly an error. In 1943 onwards each Commando was 5 troops of 2 x 30 man sections, each would have a 2in mortar for 10 total per Commando. Each Special Service brigade having 3 Commando's would give 30 total. Each Commando probably also should have 4 x Vickers MMG and 4 x 3in Mortars for a Brigade total of 12 each rather than 8 though. Maybe the extra 100 2in mortars more than makes up for the missing MMGs and 3in mortars I'm sure!

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